The «‎Challenge Academy» international project has ended!

In cooperation with DFB-Stiftung Egidius Braun we gathered 30 Ukrainian and German adolescents on a 6-day intensive online-course about the method «F.A.C.E. – the Challenge».

«‎Challenge Academy» is an educational project, the aim of which is to help adolescents realise their potential for society and learn to apply it for the common good.

The mission of the project is to teach adolescents to be socially active, take the world rationally and become the changers in their local societies through intercultural exchange. Participants learned from each other, built interpersonal relationships and initiated their own projects in order to improve society. 

Although «‎Challenge Academy» was released online for the first time, it didn’t hinder the teenagers’ international union. They talked to each other actively, shared experience, widened their worldviews and strengthened connections with them and their countries.

The programme of the project is unique and based on Wladimir Klitschko’s «F.A.C.E. – the Challenge» method, which is implemented due to Klitschko Ventures and the Competence Center for Intrapreneurship of the university of St Gallen. Here is more detailed review of the parts of the method:

F  — Focus — which means combining of personal and collective views;

A — Agility — which means being initiative and planning of our actions;

C — Coordination — which means seeking for synergies with surroundings; 

E — Endurance — which means long-term implementation of positive actions.

During the «Challenge Academy» project one of the «F.A.C.E. – the Challenge» method’s blocks were considered. Four blocks of the method were considered on three levels: personal, collective and global. Due to this structure participants developed gradually and comprehensively and received more than useful khowledge.

As a result of taking a project, every participant will create their own projects in September. The direction will be chosen by themselves, but the final aim is common - improving of their society.

Initiative and active adolescents don’t have to wait growing up to own resources for making changes - they will start this autumn! 

Follow this link to find out more about the «Challenge Academy» project: