The art of planning

10 tasks per day, 100 per week, 1000 per month. Time management will help us in this difficult matter. Today it is one great science of competent planning and time management

Forced quarantine and the availability of a lot of free time force us to browse more content on social networks. Thus, the number of active users on Instagram (by 22%) and TikTok (by 27%) increased in February-March.

Why do people rarely reach their goal? Because just wanting something is not enough. You still need to learn to plan your time and think strategically. Then even the most ambitious goals become possible. And how to learn to plan your time? Here are some tips.

  1. Get in the habit of writing out all the assignments for tomorrow in the evening. This simple action will help you sleep better, because often the cause of insomnia is that we go through all the important things in the evening.
  2. When there are many things to do, it is difficult to understand which ones are more important and which ones need to be done first. Tasks that are not urgent are much easier to accomplish. They are solved faster and with much less hassle, which allows you to enjoy them.

The Eisenhower matrix will help you cope with stress and organize your day. This is a table that is divided into the following 4 blocks:

- important and urgent;

- important, not urgent;

- not important, urgently;

- not important, not urgent;

  1. One of the non-standard planning methods is to put up stickers. They are so bright that it will be very difficult not to notice them. The ideal place for them is a laptop, notebook or closet;
  2. No matter what you have done, you need to celebrate your progress. Reward yourself for completing a difficult task. This will encourage you not to put things in a long box, but to do them on time.

Here are the apps to help you plan your business effectively:

Google Calendar. It allows you to schedule meetings, create events, set reminders. This application will keep in one place all your tasks, which you can share with loved ones or colleagues.

Trello. Very simple and convenient application. In Trello it is comfortable to conduct joint projects. Here everything is organized not in the form of lists, but in the format of boards. Also all tasks can be delegated, marked and put special marks.

Tick ​​Tick. Convenient for creating to-do lists. Allows you to set deadlines and set reminders, fill in and manage your schedule in the calendar, share your tasks to other users and the like.

I wonder how these tips work in practice? The fund's trainees shared their stories:

Ivan Butko:

“I get up at 7-8 in the morning. I immediately have a few extra hours. This does not mean sleeping at 4:00, it is worth making a sleep schedule and stick to it. Also, I always write assignments on a piece of paper. That's when I have an accurate understanding of how much I need to do. "

Tatiana Vygovskaya:

“During quarantine and monotonous daily work, a little relaxation helps - sports, a phone conversation with friends or tea in the fresh air. After such seemingly ordinary things, there is strength and motivation to work faster and more efficiently. That's why such a small "island with rest" is definitely to be! "

Anastasia Stadnik:

“Before I start planning, I always ask myself why I need to achieve this result. When I find the answer, all the tasks make sense. Performing them, I feel the satisfaction of moving forward, which gives even more confidence.

We are confident that these tips will accelerate the achievement of goals, develop multitasking skills, planning, activate internal capacity, do things that "never had time." However, according to the to-do list, do not forget about relatives, loved ones, favorite hobbies and creating pleasant surprises for relatives - in this case, harmony with the work schedules will be ensured.