Successful video interview: 5 life hacks

Video interviews are a new trend. Now in this format there are more and more job interviews, selections for various programs and projects. Currently, 47% of companies use video interviews to hire people.

This popularity is due to the fact that video interviews help to better consider the identity of the candidate and form a holistic picture of him. In addition, on average, video interviews are 6 times faster than telephone interviews. Therefore, it saves a lot of time.

We know from experience that going through a video interview is not an easy task. To have a positive result, you need to find some time to prepare.

And how to prepare? We have compiled the TOP 5 tips to help you pass the video interview confidently and calmly!

Tip №1 - Take care of the equipment.

Set the platform through which the video interview will take place in advance. Find out all the features, check the sound and picture quality. Anticipate the problems that may arise at the time of the interview: the laptop or phone may discharge, or the home Internet may fail at the most crucial moment. To prevent this from happening, prepare a backup option for communication so that you can quickly resume the video interview in case of a problem.

Tip №2 - Pay attention to the image.

Remember the first impression. As soon as the camera turns on, you have a few seconds to form a positive opinion of yourself. So, take care of your hair, clothes. If you do makeup, do not use too bright colors.

In addition to you, there is a background in the frame, and it can usually tell a lot. So pay attention to what is standing or hanging behind you. Create an environment around you that neither your pets nor family members will interfere with your successful video interview. Ask them to hold their fists for you in another room and not distract you.

Tip №3 - Prepare for the conversation.

Imagine yourself as an interviewer. What questions would you ask yourself? Make a list and think of answers. You can rehearse these questions with friends or family, or in front of a mirror. Then you will feel confident and ready to answer any question. Remember the timing and accuracy of the answers. You will not have 10 minutes for one answer. So practice telling the most important things in a short time frame.

Tip №4 - Calm your anxiety.

Everyone has distracting habits when agitated: kicking, touching the nose or straightening hair. This is normal. But so that anxiety does not become an obstacle, it is worth finding a "cure" for it. Breathing exercises or talking to someone close to you can help. Everyone has it all individually. The main thing is to find your own way to calm down, because it will be useful not only during the video interview, but also in the future.

Tip №5 - Tune in to positive emotions.

Smile! A smile is meant to show that you are an open person. But everything should be in moderation, only then it will be perceived sincerely and naturally. In no case do not be afraid! Don't let fear overshadow your personality and block your creativity. Imagine that you have already been interviewed and now you just have a friendly conversation.

Be sure to go through the video interview - it's a new experience for you. Even if you think something is not perfect, next time you will definitely do it more confidently.

So, listen to the advice and do not forget to fight for your dreams!