Students told how they took the first step to achievements

Behind every successful story there is a struggle for one's own dream, and first of all it is a struggle with oneself. Come to the right person, the first time to go on stage, to have an interview in the company of dream. To achieve something, you need to take the first step.

We are afraid of what we did not do before. We are afraid of losing face in front of others,or think that apart from us our work is no longer needed by anyone. When wedo not control our fears, they control us. But when we believe in our own ability to affect changes, when our confidence is fostered by the environment – we overcome fear and it becomes a creative force.

The participants of the "Internship" of the Klitschko Foundation shared their stories. They proved, it is necessaryto have courage to take responsibility,introduce ourselves to the new people and accept the challenge. «First Step» is a story about each of us who once dared and now  is proud of his or her achievements.

"Internship" of Klitschko Foundation is a career guidance program for students. For 3 months they are working on the social projects of the foundation. Thus, they gain the first professional experience, develop leadership qualities, learn to work in a team. Graduates of the program work in the British Council, Uber, KPMG, Укрнафта, Microsoft, GresTodorchuk PR, Deloitte, PR-Service, AXIOS, BRAB digital agency, INGBank, Ekonomika+, FlawlessApp, Omnicore, Арт-завод Платформа, Allstate Insurance, U-Report Ukraine.



3-month program aimed for the carrier advice for students of 2-4 year of study.

  • 8 rounds of internship
  • 2606 candidates for intern position
  • 146 students became interns
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