#story2020The greatest value of the project is communication with like-minded people

Constant development and self-knowledge have always been my priorities in life. I love projects for teenagers, because they help a lot to decide on the future.

I have known about the fund for a long time and I was waiting for the moment when I will be able to take part in projects, because last year I missed the deadline. This year I saw an ad that the questionnaires are open, and realized that this is my opportunity and I just can't lose it. Before filling out the questionnaire, I was at a psychological festival, where I was convinced that I needed this project. Inspired, I shot a video that evening and filled out a questionnaire.

In the end, I had the honor of participating in the Realms of the Future 5.0 project. During these three days, together with the Klitschko Foundation team and The Aspen Institute Kyiv and participants from all over the country, I learned to look at all things in life more broadly, improve my teamwork skills, make new friends, learn a lot. The project helped me to understand myself more and became a new step in my life. I really liked that the project took place in a dialogue format. And the greatest value of the project was communication with like-minded people. Therefore, conducting a local project "Horizons of the Future 5.0" was my step towards spreading this value among peers.

Preparing your own project is not easy, especially when you do everything yourself. You distribute questionnaires, run social networks, try to get publications in the media… Yes, I did it! Of course, with the support of friends, parents and other participants of "Realms of the Future 5.0". In many aspects of preparing and conducting the event, I lacked experience in this area. But despite all the troubles, the project went very well. Among the events were a discussion of texts, a speech by two speakers and teamwork. The participants especially enjoyed the lecture by the director of the Klitschko Foundation Alina Nosenko and the discussion of the text "Thoughts on the problems of love" Lou Andreas-Salome.

I significantly increased my self-confidence during the local project. I would advise the next participants of "Realms of the Future" not to hurry, not to panic and look at the solution of the problem from different angles. And most importantly  believe in yourself!



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