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Матвій, випускник «Школи успіху 2019», про концерт оркестру на відстані, дистанційне навчання і плани на майбутнє

Matthew, a graduate of the School of Success 2019, about the orchestra's distance concert, distance learning and plans for the future

Participants of our projects are always ready to fight for their dreams and accept challenges. Matthew, a graduate of the School of Success 2019 - a great example of this. Musicians of the Sympho KIDS Symphony Orchestra, of which Matthew is a member, shot a video with a cover version of the Beatles song, which became a hit a few days later. Right now, the orchestra doesn't have time to take a break from the interview, but Matthew still answered our questions about distance learning, distance learning and plans for the future. 

Where did this idea come from?

- Due to quarantine, not only rehearsals but also performances were canceled. We missed music, so my mom offered to train at home and create a video of a joint performance. The idea was supported by both parents and members of the orchestra. We chose the composition ourselves, and the teachers helped with the parties. The experience is interesting, but we miss the emotions we get during a live concert.

Are you planning more performances in a similar format?

- Definitely so. Although quarantine does not allow the whole orchestra to rehearse live together, this does not mean that one should forget one's parts and sit at home idle. We are not performing at live concerts yet, but we are holding virtual ones, and now we are working on new works, wonderful world hits.

What challenges did you face in preparation for the performance?

- At first, when I first learned about this idea from my mother, I was skeptical, because I did not understand how a whole symphony orchestra can hold a concert remotely. Our orchestra consists of 50 musicians, and I thought it would be quite difficult to hold a concert with so many members. I was even late with the deadline for submitting the parties, because I refused to take this idea seriously, but in the end I completed the task.

- Out of 50 people, only half of the orchestra responded, the other half for one reason or another could not record their part. Everyone recorded their game on the phone, we played under the metronome, which sounded in the headphones, so as not to stray from the pace and rhythm. We didn't even count the pauses. I think it was much harder for Kateryna, our manager, because she built everything, and this is hard routine work. But it was much harder for us morally, because a remote concert is not a live communication, it is absolutely not the emotions we feel when we play together. It's something else, but even in this way we can create great music.

How do you like distance learning?

- This is not the first time for me to study remotely. Even before my participation in the School of Success project, I had already studied at the Kyiv distance school Dzherelo, so quarantine did not affect my studies in any way. I never regretted that I switched to distance learning, because I think this form of learning is better. At my school I develop such skills as self-discipline, time management, I work in a networking network. I can choose which subjects I want to study in depth for my future career. I have a lot of free time that I can devote to my favorite activities. That's why I just adore my school.

- And with distance education in music school everything is not so fine. I believe that you should learn music only live, next to the teacher. Now, of course, I have video lessons from music school, but that's not it. I wholeheartedly await the end of quarantine to return to my daily crazy rhythm of life, because I love it. I love events and adventures, I can't live when nothing happens. So even in quarantine I do my best not to get bored.

The selection of semifinalists for the "School of Success" has recently ended. Did participants from your local project pass?

- Yes, some graduates of my local "School of Success" have reached the semifinals, we are all now waiting for the results of the video interview. By the way, once a stranger wrote to me, who was not at my local "School of Success". He had a question about filling out a questionnaire to participate in the "School of Success 2020", I helped him, and after that we started talking. Now he and I are like brothers, he is a very valuable person to me, as I am to him. He made it to the semifinals and already had a video interview, so we are waiting for the final results. I hold my fists for him, as I do for all the other semifinalists. It's a wonderful feeling when those for whom you have become a mentor pass. Shushniki and Shushniki can confirm this, because these are truly wonderful moments of pride and happiness.

What advice can you give to this year's Shushniks?

- We can have many images, and sometimes we all wear different masks, but at the "School of Success" it is not necessary. Be yourself, be honest with others. The most important thing is to believe in yourself, fight difficulties with friends, never give up. Do not lose optimism, always notice the beauty around you and just live happily. We create ourselves, and it is up to us how we make our lives.

What are your plans for the future?

- Now I study only in the 9th grade and have not yet finally chosen a profession. However, I know the direction in which I want to develop - I dream of performing on world stages, to become a public figure. Now my favorite activity is vocals. This is my passion, I can't live without vocals. I am sure that I will be able to make my dream come true!



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