#story2020Physical education is a vocation!

Larysa Baleva, participant of the project "Success Package" about why physical education teachers need to develop and how she does it.

Competitions, first victories in district competitions, tourism  so in the fifth grade I got excited about becoming a physical education teacher. Having set a goal, I began to fight for my dream! There were ups and downs, but I kept moving forward, gradually becoming an authority not only among my peers, but also among teachers.

Today, I am proud to be a physical education teacher, as well as part of the school's psychological support team, where I work with children with special educational needs. I am also happy that I am a village teacher, that I work with local children! For each I develop an individual approach, re-read the literature, turn to colleagues for advice - and so I find the key to the heart of the child. Not only adults but also children have difficulties, so I try to communicate with everyone and then help them to open up and find their passion!

The success of my lesson lies not only in the set of exercises I prepare, but also in the friendly relationships I build with children before and after classes. I give children the opportunity to try themselves in the role of a teacher, who involves children in the work, monitors the discipline, and makes assessments  and this helps children to form character. My classes are not only focused on physical development, but also emotional. Each lesson begins with the children standing in a circle and saying one positive phrase about themselves, which helps them adjust to productive and successful work.

It was thanks to my student that I learned about the Success Package  project. Now not only do I inspire my children, but they inspire me! I eagerly decided to submit a questionnaire, because I realize that from time to time you need to reload your thinking, open up to new ideas and learn something new. For example, the online format has become a challenge for me: there is no Internet, then technical problems, but the "light" that burns in my soul, can not be extinguished. In addition, the constant support of mentor Irina helped me cope with all the difficulties! But psychologist Marina Mospan became a role model for me: during her lecture I realized what I was missing, and my "light" shone even brighter.

I am convinced that sports in Ukraine need to be developed, because that is how a full-fledged personality is formed! And here the role of the teacher is very important, because we can instill in children a love for sports and for themselves. Of course, you need to be an example, do it yourself so that students can see that the exercises can be difficult but doable. So I believe that trust, equality and friendship are the key to success!