#story2020How to become the best in your field

The story of Iryna Halamai-Zenker from the Give Hope Charitable Foundation about how charity workers can develop professionally

Although I have a law and economics degree, my life is closely linked to charity, namely the management of the Give Hope Foundation, which was founded in 2014. At that time in Ukraine there was no such world practice as providing palliative care to children at home. We saw a great need in this, not only material, but also intellectual on the part of parents, and therefore we decided to satisfy this need by creating a fund.

Professional development is an integral part of our foundation. Due to the fact that in Ukraine there is no specialized education in the field of non-profit organizations, we acquire theoretical and practical skills through courses and various programs. In addition, the current world is changing, and to become better at it, we need to adapt to new conditions and change. Participation in conferences and programs is also an opportunity to find potential partners both in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to such cooperation, our foundation has already learned a lot from the activities of foreign organizations. For example, an internship in Wroclaw has become an important component of the training and development of our employees.

In fact, quarantine has given impetus to the search for new opportunities for development: grants and educational projects! The main thing I learned from the ProCharity project is that it is important to change our thinking, namely to rethink the approach to the development of our projects. We are now working more closely with our audience to identify real needs, so in addition to humanitarian projects, we want to implement educational ones for parents who stay at home with their children.

In general, the positive dynamics in charity in Ukraine is noticeable! If earlier charitable activity was alien and hostile due to lack of information, today, thanks to the development of technology, we have the opportunity to tell the public about our activities. As a result, we are better perceived and supported.

That is why we plan to work more in the direction of social advertising, together with parents we are thinking about launching a podcast on current topics to inspire not only the Lviv region, but also the whole of Ukraine. We also understand that Ukraine lacks literature in the field in which we work, so we want to translate Chiara Mastella's book "From SMA to Everyday" into Ukrainian and distribute it among hospitals and other institutions (SMA - spinal muscular atrophy).

Quarantine was the impetus for the realization of ideas that were on the stage of dreams!