#story2020How school and projects become the embodiment of ideas and dreams

Марина Говрас, заступниця директора з виховної роботи ЗСО №17 м. Ірпеня, учасниця проєкту «Zero Waste School» 2020 року про участь у проєкті і плани на локальний проєкт

Marina Govras, Deputy Director for Educational Work of ZSO №17, Irpen, participant of the project "Zero Waste School" 2020 on participation in the project and plans for the local project

I am the person who loves my job! School is a place of realization of my ideas and realization of life goals, namely the care of children and their comprehensive development.

Our school is always looking for opportunities and we were very happy to join the Zero Waste School. Such initiatives are development, progress and improvement.

To participate in the project, we gathered a team of highly motivated teachers and students who, despite the intensive learning process, impressed for two months with their creativity and initiative. The online format was not super easy for us, but even this format made us look forward to lectures every week, because each lesson gave us the impetus to generate new ideas that we immediately thought about how to apply in our school.

Our mentor immediately developed a friendly relationship, we constantly felt her support, and it was always interesting to learn from her experience as a participant in the project "Zero Waste School" in recent years.

Thanks to our fruitful work, we have already moved from the stage of initiating a local project to its development! By the way, Zero Waste School is not the first eco-project in which we took part. For example, sorting waste at school is a common process for us. Thinking about our local project within the "Zero Waste School", we decided to show all our creativity.

Our local project is the creation of a board game, the purpose of which is to raise students' environmental awareness and introduce an ecological lifestyle. We plan to integrate our game into the learning process because we are well aware that ecology is our future. Our project has received great support from local authorities, which is very motivating to continue working!

In addition, we strive to activate the local community  this is why we plan to conduct online training. Obviously, for a good result you need to work very long and take on a lot of responsibility. Looking at our team and the things we do, I hope that over time more and more people will join us.

We now have many plans and believe that we can be an example to follow!