#story2020About acquired habits that become a part of life

My quarantine routine was monotonous, but one day turned my whole life upside down because I became a participant in the Realms of the Future 5.0 project.

The teacher told me about this project. So I decided to give it a try and never regretted it. I decided to submit a questionnaire, but was not sure that I would pass. On the day the results were announced, I checked my e-mail every minute. And here it is a long-awaited letter! I did not know what lay ahead, but I was already overwhelmed with joy.

Participation in the project is an incredible experience. Everyone was a little nervous, but the atmosphere for three days was extremely relaxed and friendly. I learned a lot of new, interesting and useful information, found real friends and like-minded people. "Realms of the Future" unites the youth of Ukraine  this is the conclusion I made for myself after the project.

The project gave me the opportunity to look at some standard situations and issues from an unusual angle, so I can say with confidence that it helps to broaden my horizons. The seminar inspired me to be more interested in philosophy, as well as to continue working on myself. I realized for myself that the meaning of life is in self-realization, in being happy, always learning about the world and discovering something new for yourself every day. Some texts made a very good impression on me, so now I began to read even more philosophical reflections of Descartes and other philosophers.

And so the project came to an end. My next step was to implement my own online seminar. Of course, it was a challenge for me. I didn't have a team, so it was hard enough, but I took myself in hand, gathered all my thoughts into a pile and started acting!

Created pages on social networks. She spread the news about the project on the school's website, her own page and on the pages of friends and acquaintances. Prepared materials for the project. Gathered the required number of participants.

During the project itself, we discussed various philosophical texts and videos on procrastination and critical thinking. Between performances and discussions, we did exercises for team building. My own project became an opportunity for me to practice my skills, and I learned some important lessons for myself: from the first minutes of the seminar make the atmosphere relaxed and communication friendly, then the participants will be more active. Also on my initiative, I decided to invite one lecturer, but, unfortunately, on the day of the project he refused. So the advice for the next organizers of local projects - remember the human factor.

After conducting a local project, I gained the skills of organizing online projects, the skills of a project moderator, as well as overcoming the fear of inviting speakers and communicating with the media.

I know that all this will definitely suit me in the future!



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