#story2019 We break stereotypes - we involve everyone in sports

Якимова Марина, вчителька фізкультури зі Жмеринки та учасниця проєкту «Посилка успіху», розповідає про нові методи викладання, виклики під час уроків та реакцію учнів на нововведення.

Yakymova Maryna, a physical education teacher from Zhmerynka and a participant in the Success Packeges project, talks about new teaching methods, challenges during lessons and students' reactions to innovations.

What is physical education? The first thing that paints the imagination - a standard lesson, football-volleyball, standards… But this picture definitely changes after participating in the project "Success Packeges".

I stumbled upon the project questionnaire by chance and doubted for a long time whether it was worth filling out. But my team supported and helped with the application. The announcement of my school as a winner was a real holiday for me!

The trainings renewed me as a teacher and gave me such an impetus to implement all my ideas that when I returned to school I was just eager to organize trainings and competitions for children and share with all the novelties and teaching methods that the training speakers talked about. Together with colleagues, we contributed to the program korfball, floorball, bought clubs and frisbee. On my local project, the children were extremely interested in learning about all this, so why not do it in class?

Children perceive the new activity in the lesson with surprise, and then get such pleasure that they often continue to practice during the break. Of course, there are students who find it difficult to encourage sports. Often their parents are prejudiced against classes and fear that sports activities can be harmful. Therefore, they try in every way to limit children's access to classes. It is very difficult to prove that sport, on the contrary, helps.

My colleagues and I are working on this and trying to break stereotypes among both parents and students. We try to find an approach to everyone. You need to be on the same page with children, they want to laugh, to joke - we laugh and joke, and then we start working. And it is much more pleasant to hold classes now, because we received a parcel with sports equipment! In fact, it was not the main purpose of my participation, but it became more convenient to work with such modern and safe equipment.

The "premise of success" not only developed my professional skills. This project has shown me that there are actually many such opportunities for improvement. That's why my colleagues and I are now participating in the Junior Z project, and we also want to start cheerleading at school. I know that we will succeed, because if you do something with love and make every effort to do so, you should not expect another result!



Освітній онлайн-проєкт для вчителів та вчительок фізичного виховання, який навчить методів ефективного викладання та допоможе залучити учнів і учениць до активного способу життя, занять спортом як в школі, так і поза її ...

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