#story2019 Sport is always with me

This is Svitlana Muravka, a physical education teacher from Chernihiv and a participant in the "Success Parcel" project. In our interview, she talks about new experiences and changes in herself and her students after the project.

From childhood I knew that I would be a physical education teacher. There was no doubt. Now I have a lot of experience - I worked in the preschool field, I was a physical education instructor. But at one point I realized that I needed to develop further, so I went to work at school.

The work of a teacher is hard, but the satisfaction I get from the results can not be found anywhere else. I like what children like. Tautology, but it's true.

An interesting observation - children's desire to play sports directly depends on the teacher. If the teacher comes to the lesson in a bad mood, the lesson will not be successful and, conversely, when you play with the children, everyone is involved, even those who have certain limitations or came to the lesson without a form. And this is very valuable because it motivates the teacher to develop.

A great opportunity for me was to participate in the project "Parcel of Success". In fact, it all happened by accident. I came across a contest in a Facebook feed. I did not believe. Because who needs us, physical education teachers? For the most part, people do not take physical education as a lesson at all. It is more entertainment that has no value. The worst thing is that it is difficult to convince the opposite. And here is a whole project for people like me! At the last moment, I filled out a questionnaire and sent it, not hoping that I would go further.

Trainings became the most valuable part of the project. After 5-7 years of work, each teacher usually thinks about the question: "What is the meaning of my work?". I confess, every year the desire and enthusiasm is lost. But when the opportunity arises to take part in projects such as the "Parcel of Success", all these doubts turn into a thirst for work. And a good stimulus is the environment. The trainings provided an opportunity to learn about the experience of colleagues from all over Ukraine. They have been a great motivation for me to move forward.

After productive trainings, I immediately organized a local project and competitions. The topics I chose for the children were proper nutrition and emotions. In fact, at first the students were surprised by everything, because usually physical education teachers do not talk about it. But I saw that they were really interested. Now, even in class, I can take a 5-minute break from physical activity and tell students how to take care of their health. It is said that physical education is only exercises and games, but it is also knowledge about one's physical condition.

For me, "The Parcel of Success" became a project that changed my perception of a typical physical education lesson and teaching methods. I am grateful for the opportunity to feel such changes in myself, and also thank you for the wonderful sports equipment. Now physical education classes in our school give every student the opportunity to really play sports, and not just "take a lesson".



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