#story2019 My goal is to ignite a love for sports in everyone

Sklyar Natalia, a physical education teacher and participant of the project "Success Packages" talks about the experience of the project, a local event and motivation.

I am a physical education teacher and work in two educational institutions, where I teach lessons for both elementary and high school students. For me, the age or gender of the child is not important, my goal is to do everything possible for students to go to physical education class with passion in their eyes. So I try not to miss any opportunity to improve my work.

A few years ago, I wrote my own manual for physical education teachers, and it's nice to note that it benefits others. She twice took part in the project "Call of friends - let's play together" from the Klitschko Foundation, but could not become a winner. And this year, 3 days before the closing of the questionnaire, I learned about another project from the fund - "Success Packages".

The project interested me in the opportunity to take part in the training, and in this way I wanted to show my students. And although we are tiny, we deserve attention, a lot of attention, because we also have a lot of achievements and we have significant potential. So I decided to fill out a questionnaire for the "Success Packages".

One of the conditions of this project was to send a video. Then there was a weekend, on Monday the deadline for the questionnaire. I didn't have time for the video anymore, and instead I painted everything I want, how I want to participate, what achievements we have, what we want and expect from the project. At my own risk, I wrote everything I would like to reflect in this video and, realizing that the chances that my questionnaire will not be selected, but only considered - 50 to 50.

What was my surprise when I learned about the victory! The realization of this came only during the training. It is difficult to single out something most valuable from 3-day lectures. Communication with colleagues, completely new information about the psychology of students, nutrition, advertising, sponsors, practical games, such as petanque - all this in a complex affected my professional skills. During lessons and preparation for them, I often remember tips, exercises and use the knowledge and skills I gained in 3 days.

As soon as I returned to Uman, I immediately performed on the school lineup. I, in a T-shirt and vest from the Foundation, told my colleagues, children and parents about the success of our school - the victory in the project "Success Packages".

Immediately organized a local project. This was the period of the school camp and for my students I held classes where I told more about proper nutrition and why it is important to play sports. And after that, together with my colleagues, we held the Olympic competitions. A little later we took part in city sports competitions and, by the way, out of 15 teams we won 3rd place! This is our first victory since the "Success Packages" and we hope that we will have even greater success in the future.

After the project, I realized one valuable thing - for children you need to be a psychologist. The trainings helped me to look more at children from a psychological point of view and showed how to motivate students to exercise.

I was convinced that all children should be encouraged to play sports. Even if at first glance it seems that a child does not have a great chance of significant achievements in sports. I had a student who won a rowing competition at various stages, but no one could have predicted that. But it happened! And I am proud that I was able to interest the child in sports. And after the project, the desire to awaken the sporting potential of everyone has grown even more. I was also inspired to implement new methods and approaches, because modern children want it, and they are ready for it.

We are constantly looking for opportunities, because we know our goal, with which we wake up every morning and go to the students - to encourage every student to play sports.

It is nice that after the end of the project we, the participants, continue to communicate with each other. This is greatly facilitated by our joint chat in the Telegram, where valuable information is shared not only by the participants of the "Success Packages", but also by the employees of the foundation.

So can we say that the project is over? No! It only found its continuation in its participants.



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