#story2019 Faith in a student is equal to his future results

Valentyn Zelinsky, a physical education teacher from Klavdiyevo-Tarasovo and a participant in the project "Parcel Packages", talks about self-belief and students and motivation of children to play sports

I can't imagine my life without school and sports. I started working at school, later in public authorities, and finally returned to education. Over the years of teaching, I have formed a principle - at the end of each lesson, I should see in every child a desire to come and work on the next lesson. There were cases when the child did not want to play sports. If this happens, it is a signal that I am doing something wrong. I never bet two, but I think how to interest this child. And when after a while the student joins every activity of the lesson, then, of course, I rejoice. And when such children get into the school team, I'm just surprised! Believe in the students and they will show an even better result than you expect.

I have extensive experience in working with children. I seem to know everything in this field, but the project "Success Packages" has shown that it is impossible to know everything, and there is always room to grow professionally. The trainings showed me even better the importance of faith in my students. I remember a moment when one of the speakers, Yuriy Kruchyn, showed us how we believe in our own strength by jumping. First, my other participants and I predicted how many jumps we could do in 1 minute, and then we tested it on ourselves. The result shocked most. It turns out that many of us do not believe in their own strength, but it is necessary! All victories are built only on faith and strength of spirit. Muscles do not always win. And this needs to be communicated to children.

My local project was the logical conclusion of the project, and the parcel with sports equipment was a great help for our school. Now every time in class I remember the project and the knowledge it provided me. And I definitely want to apply to my colleagues who have not yet participated in the "Success Packages" next year!