#stories2020 The future is behind you!

Рибалко Лариса, учасниця пілотного проєкту “ProCharity” розповідає про розвиток творчої молоді, чому ГО мають бути прозорими та свій досвід участі у проєкті “ProCharity”

Rybalko Larysa, participant of the pilot project "ProCharity" talks about the development of creative youth, why NGOs should be transparent and their experience of participating in the project "ProCharity"

Our Berezivska OTG was formed three years ago, during this period many changes took place. Now we have renovated cultural and educational institutions, which are heated, a support school has been established, and school buses have been organized. Prior to that, leisure in the community was not at the highest level, but now the situation has improved.

On the wave of active changes less than a year ago, the youth organization "The future is behind you" was created. There are plenty of talented and active young people in the Berezivka community, and we believe that they need to be involved in the activities, it is only necessary to help and unite them a little.

In general, I work in the social sphere, in the center of social services, but I really like working in a public organization, because it is always interesting to work with young people. Adolescents are young, creative, active. From them we are charged with energy, we are inspired.

But in addition to inspiration, we also faced new challenges. How to create a strong team? How to organize and implement your own ideas and projects? Where to get funding? Do we need to report on our activities?

So when we learned about the ProCharity project, we realized that it would be useful, as our organization was established recently and new knowledge will definitely come in handy. We were interested in the proposed topics. Fundraising and project management are issues that will be useful in our business. I consider the management of a public organization to be an important topic, because it is the effective management of processes and the team that helps to create quality projects. All information is accessible and interesting.

We also did not report before the project, but after the training we will organize these processes. We now believe that it is important for NGOs to be transparent, because, first, it is a structure that unites the public and citizens need to understand what and how the organization does. It is also important for those who work with this organization, for example, if we apply for a grant, the donors need to see who they are dealing with, what projects are being implemented and what the budget is being spent on.

Before the training we started to make a youth space, but things did not go very well. Now, with new knowledge, we will confidently continue to work in this direction. We are now creating a website for our organization, where you can learn about our activities, and in the future to track budget expenditures. The project has inspired us to improve, so we will look for new opportunities for development, as well as create them to form and educate talented young people.

This experience was interesting for me as an employee of a municipal institution and after the project I plan to gather other public organizations of Berezivska OTG (we have 3 of them) and give a lecture with the materials and knowledge I received, I want to convey information to others.