School of Success graduates reach new heights!

Participants of the School of Success by the Klitschko Foundation continue to take an active part in various projects, developing their leadership skills and working to change the world for the better!

Earlier, the Klitschko Foundation published a post about selection of students to the Ukrainian Leadership Academy on its social media pages. School of Success participants, hearing about this, immediately expressed their desire to join the Academy.

“We are always looking for something new in education. If we share values and vision with other projects, we always offer our youth to take part in them. The Ukrainian Leadership Academy is one such project, as we share the same goal: to facilitate well-rounded development of Ukrainian youth. Our graduates are also a team of leaders, with their own values and brand,” says Alina Nosenko, Klitschko Foundation director. “That’s why we suggested they try themselves in the Academy, as it can be a next step in their development.”
Graduates of the School of Success tested their mettle during a three-day selection process to the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. A trip around Lviv oblast was full of quests, trainings, and lectures as the organizers sought true leaders and potential students of the Academy.

Among the candidates in the final round were our graduates, who had already passed the first two rounds before heading to Lviv to demonstrate their abilities in the third round. Last year’s School of Success graduates were satisfied with the intense experience and shared with us their impressions.

Marichka Nadernyuk, an active participant in Foundation projects told us that in addition to study and practical trainings – like cartography and teambuilding – candidates had to demonstrate an ability to adapt to any conditions. They slept in tents for three nights and had a limited amount of water. Our graduates were unfazed – in fact, they loved the experience and are ready for more!

“Each of us showed our ability to work in a team and resolve conflict situations. The colors of western Ukraine, a lot of smiles, and fun stories only added to the charm of these three days. And I was reminded once again that it doesn’t matter where you are from – Slavyansk, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk – each of us is a future leader of the country. Projects like the Ukrainian Leadership Academy make that future brighter,” said Marichka.

Tigran Sogoyan said that the trip from the Academy helps participants to believe in themselves and inspires them to move forward to make the world better. “I was most impressed by how teenagers want to change the world. We opened up from the first day and now we’re a tight team. I really hope that we’ll meet at the Academy and change Ukraine for the better!” said Tigran.

“These three days at the Academy were, for me, a breath of fresh air,” shared Valeriya Yeremenko. “Maybe it was the tents that added a magical atmosphere. I never would have thought that we could get so close in just three days, that I could discover so many new things. I am really thankful to the Academy for these feelings and emotions, for the experience and new information.”

Polina Gritsenko was inspired to new achievements and a desire to grow further, never giving up. “My impressions? It was a storm of emotions and new feelings, as we had to get out of our comfort zone. There were ups and downs, of course. My new dream is to study at the Academy, and the motto of School of Success graduates is to fight for your dreams! I am further convinced we are our own main enemy in our movement forward. You have to be unafraid to try something new, for your own development and for the country’s. Creating ourselves, we create Ukraine!”

The team at the Klitschko Foundation is thrilled with the achievements of our School of Success graduates. We wish them further victories and new discoveries!




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