"School of Success" for girls has crossed its equator!

Десятий ювілейний проєкт «Школа успіху» вже досягнув свого екватору. Незважаючи на карантин, ми змогли зібрати разом в онлайн-форматі учасників проєкту, їхніх батьків, менторів та спікерів!

The tenth anniversary project "School of Success" has already reached its equator. Despite the quarantine, we were able to bring together project participants, their parents, mentors and speakers online!

"School of Success" is a 10-day project for teenagers who want to become socially active. Here they will receive inspiration and skills for further achievements.

"The goal of this project is to make teenagers feel like a cohort of like-minded people. We believe that this is a good opportunity to discuss values ​​and provide tools that the participant can use throughout life. We want to help responsible teenagers who are fighting for their dreams. If you dance  dance for her, if you volunteer  volunteer, make inventions for your dreams, "  says Alina Nosenko.

Participants have already met mentors and are ready to conquer the world with their ideas. From July 1 to 11, they will have morning engines, trainings and lectures on project management, financial and media literacy, sexual education, as well as fruitful cooperation with mentors, teamwork and unforgettable experiences! But the most important thing is that each of the participants will present their local project.

The novelty of this year's project was that the participants will have a mentor  a person with experience in a particular field, who wants to share with teenagers their knowledge, experience, mistakes and success stories. We hope that this will help participants to make the right choice of profession in the future.

In addition, graduates of the 2019 School of Success gave some advice to their successors:

- be yourself, be honest with others and never give up;

- do each job by 110%, because the more you invest in your local project, the more return you will get;

- be wise, because right now you have a huge field to practice skills and gain experience;

- fill your pockets with knowledge, because this is what will stay with you;

- be a researcher of your life, study your strengths and weaknesses.

We believe: we will be able to transfer knowledge and skills to the participants of the online project!