“School of Success” 2021 has started: newly in digital form!

On July 19 we launched “School of Success” — an educational digital project for 14-15 years old adolescents. This time “School of Success” has its first time in digital form, on the Impactum platform.

Active and initiative teenagers, who are ready to gain useful knowledge for making changes and improve themselves and their societies. They are already full of emotions and excited of what they do:

Sophia: “They give us information that is useful not only in the future, but also now and there. Emotions and motivation fulfill me and I really want to learn. This is the first time I do not postpone everything for the last moment until deadlines start burning. I start completing the task at the moment it opens. I am so thankful to the whole Klitschko Foundation team for loads of content and a very handy platform!”

Ksenia:“ “School of Success” is a place where you would find your motivation and gain new knowledge and experience. I like that managers and participants of the project are polite and ready to help. Thank you for this excellent project❤️”

Anna: “ “School of Success” is an active and initiative youth and I am very happy to become a part of this family! Moreover, I am very excited about tasks on a platform, because they are really original and practical. With all of that it is very easy to assimilate knowledge and remember it for long time ”

Andriy: “Despite the online form, “School of Success” became better and more available for teenagers. In the last year it was really interesting, but not as developed and worked out as now. I don’t understand people who think that they cannot take part in this educational project, because everyone can be active!”


Participants of the “School of Success” project will learn how to:

  • set up their own start-up;
  • form a team;
  • make a video or presentation, enjoyable to watch;
  • make initiative;
  • analyse need of their region;
  • choose a profession.

Moreover, the participants will receive useful information about combating procrastination, emotional intelligence development, safety on the internet and sex education.


At the end of the project every participant will create their own local project and have an opportunity to receive support for its embodiment.

It’s never too late to think about the future of your homeland. This is why our participants have a variety of activism experience levels: from the interest to 3 years of making changes. “School of Success” accepts everyone!

The project runs on an Impactum digital platform, which we created with our partner company Winner for everyone who wants to develop personally, locally and globally.

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