Round Table of VIII International Conference of Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum "Informed investing in development projects"

Charity changes its format. At that moment, when some man comes in a subway with a “charity box”, there, on the 11th floor of a skyscraper, in a spacious loft, people are gathering - with warm hearts and a passionate ideas. And each of them has his own history

Ilya Filippov, a head of the educational online project EdEra

EdEra – it is 20 altruists, who just have passed school exams and now have moved on the other side of the system. Having studied the experience of Western online education, they come to develop their own solutions and context. On their web-site you can pass 7 high school courses in 24/7. Its uniqueness is of the method of presenting: in the center of perception no lectures that are usual for online courses, but the text, in which the video is embedded. In short, if you're still reading a textbook and can’t understand a Newton's Law, Ilya appears, throws the scotch up and untill it reaches the ground  he explains the nature of gravity to you. Although EdEra was aimed at the high school students, but 60% of those who took the course were teachers. The course is free, but everyone can make a voluntary donation, which would be as a motivation not to abandon the course before the start of classes. Money for them is not a goal but much more a tool. "People work better when it’s paid", - laughing Ilya.

Leonid Ostaltsev, an ideologist of a Pizza Veterano

Sincere projects arise from the painful situations. Leonid knows from his own experience what the war is. But sooner or later it ends and you have to re-learn how to live in a world where the house, wife and friends are. He is the chef in the past, decided to open a pizzeria, in which only the ATO veterans cook. "The project - it is an opportunity to do something, and I feel comfortable to be with veterans", - he admits. - "It was a lot of orders from the first days. I had to sleep at the job, and I didn’t understand why is it so cool?". Of course, such support helps veterans feel that their work is appreciated. "And it becomes easier to live."

Victor Kolesnyk, director of sports projects in Klitschko Foundation

Foundation has been laying the groundwork for the younger generation for 13 years. This experience allows to assess problems in the sphere of charity, especially its specificity in Ukraine. "We understand that the most important - is our authority. We really cherish it, as the depreciation of our actions will lead to a loss of trust. While we're doing financially transparent and open social projects, we are ready to work with international companies and foundations”. The main task of the Foundation is the formation of a society with aspirations and dreams, where health, success and intelligence are in the trend. "A nation must have a lighthouse, a specific purpose, which could unite around itself. And when there is a request for such values - then the state and community initiatives, and the private sector will respond".

Anna Fesun, co-founder of Call me Cacao

Call me Cacao – is a synergy of person who invented his own cocoa recipe, another person who found the mountain ornaments as a design solution, and a woman who invested her love in the project. "This is not just a place, it's something more", - Anna recognized. First, founders had an attitude to the project as for experiment, but recently they have found that there is a strong response from the people. "Cocoa - is the glue that brings people together. If to count how many warm meetings, hugs, experience exchanges were there, you feel that it is already a lot. And we are happy with what we are doing". If we consider the Call me Cacao as a business, it is just a beginning, and the additional cost of the project creates a social responsibility. The space always welcomes useful activities, so funds such as "Seeing by heart" and "Tabletochki[Office1] " are regular guests.

Anna Uvarova, co-owner of a thrift store Laska

Each girl knows the feeling when there are a lot of clothing in the wardrobe, but it’s nothing to wear. A thrift store “Laska” will solve this problem. The first thing to do - is to get out all the things you used to put on once during the first year of university. The second step is to bring it on the Lipinski Str. or Malopodvalnaya Str. Now you have a free place in wardrobe and it's time to update it. Do it with style and budget, without leaving the shop. And by the way, it’s a place where dreams come true - do not forget to look in the mirror.

Tatiana Manzyuk, the author of the artistic project Crimea Ukraine ::: stitch :::

It all started with "the project of perplexity". We had to support the Crimean issue in the field of public attention and communication of a peninsula with a mainland Ukraine. Artists from the ArtPole asked themselves: how to draw a new country? The answer was "Crimea Ukraine ::: stitch ::: ", a kind of mental mapping, as Tatiana calls it. "We don’t want just to draw but to make it valuable. We have launched a project at Spіlnokosht and I realized that people respond by the heart".

Julia Vasyliv, co-founder of the center of innovative education Pro.Svіt

Two years ago, four friends gathered and watched the course about mixed school education on Coursera. "We were amazed how different the role of the teacher can be, where he is a moderator, where children move, and then there is a very different interaction". They realized that the idea is not so much in the methods as in the skills and attitudes of the teacher, so they decided that this should be in Ukraine. "I have a little son, I want a school to speak with him in another language", – Julia says. She doesn’t believe that Ukraine doesn’t have enough people-subjects[Office2] , so she cherishes the hope to educate teachers in active-minded environment. In addition, quite ambitious ideas sound often, for example, the establishment of research laboratories in schools, which need partners will support with the financial resources. Pro.Svіt hopes to involve the corporate sector.

The cornerstone of the discussion was the question of scalability of charitable projects. Despite the fact that everyone spoke about the unique project, there were a lot of ideas sounded, and everyone has found an understanding. The secret of success is not in places but in humans. Where there is a strong desire to change the world around you, where you meet a smile, and where there is a little bit of madness – there are always great ideas, that will be welcomed in hearts. Then these ideas will provide the basis for own culture and values.