Report of 2020!

We entered 2020 with clear plans and goals. With hands raised high, just like our K-man, we were preparing for our projects with maximum effort and persistence. Soon everything changed because of COVID-19.

Nevertheless, we conquered the challenges of 2020 staying devoted to our mission. We continued promoting our values, implementing Sustainable Development Goals through our projects, connecting with like-minded people and partners, executing socially significant projects, and fighting for each participant’s dreams. 

Summing up everything that happened in the life of Klitschko Foundation, its team, and its community, we are proud of how our 2020 turned out. We are thankful to everyone who made changes with us, helped bringing projects to life, participated in our initiatives, and fought for their dreams with us!

We appreciate your trust and support!

Our 2020 report is about all the challenges and opportunities we faced this year:

Our brave team, eager volunteers, transformed projects, new initiatives, productive partnerships, impressive participant’s stories, shared successes, and the way through the challenges — we wrote about all these in the report.

The external independent audit also remains an important part of our work, as transparency and accountability are crucial for the implementation of initiatives and financial investments in our projects.

Since 2014, we have been audited according to international IFRS standards. At the beginning of 2021, the foundation successfully passed the audit for 2020 from “EY”. Find the results here:

2021, a year of much bigger transformations, is ahead of us! Our team believes it will bring even more positive social initiatives.