"Realms of the future" in a new format

The quarantine announced on March 16 in Ukraine to combat the spread of the coronavirus was not only a challenge for the foundation's team, but also an opportunity to discover something new and be flexible. Together with our partner The Aspen Institute Kyiv, we decided to hold a philosophical seminar "Realms of the future" online. This was the first project of the fund, which was fully implemented online.

During March 28-30, 17 teenagers from all over Ukraine took part in the philosophical online seminar "Realms of the future 5.0".

Participants and organizers were concerned that online communication would not be able to create the trusting, open atmosphere that could exist during an offline workshop. But from the first minutes of the project, everyone was overwhelmed by the feeling that they are part of history - participants in the first philosophical online seminar!

Through the Zoom platform in the format of moderated dialogue and group classes, participants explored the concepts of virtue, talked about peace, found out the meaning of creative thinking, developed critical thinking skills, discussed the purpose of man in the world and reflected on the power of knowledge. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the philosophical texts of Descartes, Isaacson, Kant, Hobbes, Fukuyama, Andreas-Salome, Fichte and others. Adolescents also modeled society 50 years later, and most importantly, after this task, all participants came to one conclusion - the future depends on each of them.

During the seminar, participants had a session with an invited guest - Svetlana Roiz, a child family psychologist, author of the books "Magic Wand for Parents", "Where the Angel Lives" and others. Together with the teenagers, she discussed life choices, helped shape future goals, discussed the challenges they face on a daily basis, and suggested practical exercises to develop confidence and self-control. In addition to the training part, the participants exercised together, sang songs, joked and inspired each other - it turns out you can do it online too!

After the project, participants shared their impressions:


"Filling out the form, I did not expect to get into this project, but decided to try and it worked! The seminar inspired me to read even more and work on my goals, and the moderators and organizers became an example for me. I liked working in a team because all the participants were open and sincere. My plans for the near future are to create my own local online project "Realms of the future", as well as continue to work on myself and develop."


“The project allowed me to understand that you need to learn from your mistakes in order to gain useful experiences and not repeat them, but you need to share ideas to understand life. The seminar brought together young philosophers in one online space, and despite all the obstacles, we were still able to feel the magic of dialogue. Despite the distance between the participants of the seminar, I was able to pass through the emotions and thoughts of everyone. It was as if he plunged into an ocean of thoughts and floated on it, changing his worldview. During the project we were asked what kind of Ukraine we see in 10 years and it was then that each of us realized that we will be these changes. Therefore, my next step will be to implement my own online seminar. Yes, I will be able to pass on the knowledge and skills I have gained to others.”


"The project was a revelation for me: I felt the difference between dialogue and discussion, and realized that I like the former more. I first met outstanding philosophers, and some of their thoughts were included in my treasury of statements. In the project, I learned to share my thoughts without fear of being condemned and realized that a person can be multifaceted and develop at any age. And I can't wait to organize my own seminar, because I want to help others find answers, though not to all, but perhaps to really important questions for them."


"I took part in the online project for the first time. He expected that it would be difficult to convey emotions and discuss without feeling the interlocutors. But this did not become an obstacle. The project taught me to hear the opinions of others, to formulate them, agreeing with them or not. Here I realized that the ability to listen and hear - no less important than to speak correctly. Also, after participating in the seminar "Realms of the future”, I made some conclusions for myself: I am moving in the right direction, but I need to move faster and work harder."



Філософський онлайн-семінар для підлітків, який допоможе учасникам/цям розвинути навички критичного та креативного мислення, сформувати цілі на майбутнє та визначити свій життєвий шлях

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