"Realms of the Future 7.0": the outcome of the project for the bold!

On 30 March, the five-day seminar "Horizons of the Future 7.0" ended. 20 participants, schoolboys and schoolgirls of 10th grade discussed important philosophical themes and unlocked their leadership potential.

 It takes courage to share thoughts and implement one’s own projects. Sometimes it’s scary to start something new and ask important questions. But this uncertainty and experience is the only way to achieve the goals and positive changes. And we are very glad that our participants have proved themselves to be such — bold, proactive, and sincere!

"Realms of the Future" is a five-day seminar that helps teenagers develop critical thinking and plan their future.

What’s a happy life for me? Where do I go from here? What kind of person do I want to be? How can we find the right way without being influenced by society? And other questions that are hard to come by are the ones that today’s teenagers worry about. We’ve been looking for answers together during this project.

Before the start of the project "Realms of the Future", the participants read and tried to understand the meaning of the texts of known authors, from René Descartes to Steve Jobs. In their works, one can find information concerning fundamental notions of modern civilization, freedom, and justice. At the seminar, the participants had a "dialogue of equals" with moderators, worked in groups, presented their own ideas, and also had a conversation with the invited guest — Katerina Kruk, who works as a Facebook manager of public policy for Ukraine. And it’s all about online!

Igor Efimenko, the project manager, says: "For me every project is special, and "Realms of the Future 7.0" is no exception. This project is the third since the online format has been established. The application procedure of “Realms of the Future 7.0” surprised me how, within a year, everyone had become accustomed to working on camera and how for a new generation online had become a substitute for offline projects. The participants were distinguished by their openness, positivity, and, of course, their ideas. Despite the different experiences and backgrounds of the participants, the dialogues and texts united them for five days. It’s unbelievable and I think we have a lot of new and interesting things ahead of us, even in an online format!"

The participants not only reflected on their own life courses and careers but also were seeking a connection between the ideas of the past and their own visions of the future. Through dialogue and interaction with philosophical resources, they developed the skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century, namely critical thinking, value-oriented leadership, and effective communication with peers. Now graduates of "Realms of the Future 7.0" better understand themselves and their life views and are ready to join the process of building their future local communities.

Darya, the participant, shared her impressions about the project: "I have been following the Klitschko Foundation for a long time, and the project "HRealms of the Future" has interested me from the very beginning. I can tell you that it didn’t just live up to my expectations, it exceeded them! During that time, I found like-minded people and even family in a short amount of time. I liked teamwork, interesting interactives, and our dialogues. Over the past five days, I have learned not to be afraid to express my opinion in public, to listen to others, and to change aspects of my life views. I think "Realms of the Future" is about teenagers who, at their age, are ready to change the world and our future. They’re motivated, communicative, and creative!  So during my local project, I plan to share what I’ve learned and put together a team of great people. I want to encourage them not to be afraid to share their opinions and to participate in the project. I am sure that we will get a useful experience".

We can only imagine what progress our participants expect in the future, but we know exactly about their next step in the sphere of self-development — the realization of local philosophical seminars. Over the next month, teenagers will be developing their own projects, designing their social media pages, communicating with the media, and looking for speakers. But the main value of the local project is that hundreds of schoolchildren will join the graduates and take the course of self-development. Each participant will share "Realms of the Future 7.0" with their peers. In this way, they will expand the community of young Ukrainian leaders.

We believe that our graduates will succeed! Follow our Instagram and Facebook networks to discover about their success.