Project «ProCharity» started

Educational project for representatives of charitable and public organizations «ProCharity» started on July 26 on our digital platform Impactum.

The aim of the project is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the efficient and transparent conduct of the activities of the organization, as well as opportunities for professional and personal development of representatives of the public sphere. In addition, the project promotes a culture of philanthropy, helping organizations to conduct clear and accessible activities and communication, thereby increasing the level of public trust.

For the draft, representatives are expected to: 

  • Online lectures on the project approach to activities and principles of good governance;
  • Visualboxes for the preparation of their own project, which is appreciated around us creative and active people;
  •  Podcasts on the basis of creating a communication strategy and implementing it with the help of modern tools - site, social networks, e-mail and SMS-mailing lists; 
  • Applications, sites and facilities that will help to make efficient use of the organization’s resources; 
  • Improving negotiation skills;

The project takes place in Impactum dijital space, which we have created with the Winner partner for all those who are ready to develop: personally, locally and globally. Such project participants will be able to capture ideas for improving the work of their organizations and get support for their implementation.

Follow the news on our social networks and on the Klitschko Foundation page to learn more about the progress of our members.

More about other opportunities and projects of the fund look in the section «Projects».



Освітній діджитал-проєкт для представників/ць благодійних та громадських організацій. Проєкт покликаний дати знання та навички, які необхідні для ефективного і прозорого ведення діяльності своєї організації, а також ...

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