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Charity is a constantly evolving field. Over the last decade, it has changed very rapidly under the influence of global challenges. According to the CAF World Giving Index 2019, Ukraine ranks 101st among 128 countries. The following indicators were taken into account: assistance to strangers, financial assistance and volunteering. Ukraine ranked 111th in terms of assistance to strangers, 90 - in terms of benefits and 62 - in terms of volunteer activity. Ukraine had the highest position in 2018 - 81st place, but the overall figure for all years is quite low.

The statistics on the number of charitable foundations that are reported are impressive. Of the 19,000 registered charitable foundations, only 47% send their reports to the state. The latest survey "Charity through the eyes of Ukrainians" shows that about 60% of Ukrainians in 2019 helped people financially or immaterially, but most Ukrainians are more likely to help acquaintances or friends (47%) than donate to charity (19%).

It makes you think and at the same time confirms the truth of the indicators why we have such a low level of desire to help or transfer their money to a good cause. Most philanthropists do not know where the money goes, what activities, and what impact on society comes from their support. Although with each challenge, be it the Maidan, the revolution or the fight against the coronavirus, Ukrainian society modernizes legislation, borrows international standards of charity and implements world trends.

In December, we conducted a pilot project for representatives of charitable and public organizations with OTG. For three days, participants participated in trainings on good governance, project management, communications and fundraising. The pilot was initiated by the director of the Klitschko Foundation Alina Nosenko, who is studying at the international program "Carl Friedrich Goerdeller-Kolleg for Good Governance". During the year, it will implement the ProCharity project on the transparency and accountability of charitable organizations in Ukraine.

Like all of the foundation's projects, ProCharity was supposed to continue to be implemented offline for Kyiv charities, but the state of the world forced us to change our plans. This year the project will take place online, which will allow us to involve more participants from the regions in the project.

"Every organization must be guided by the principles of good governance, pay special attention to the transparency and accountability of its activities. But today in Ukraine out of 19 thousand charitable foundations only 8 thousand are reported. This creates a high level of distrust in society, so we decided to develop a training course for other charitable organizations and their employees. We want to share our experience in implementing projects that have a long-term impact on Ukrainian society, cooperation with donors and the media, adaptation of international standards, use of sustainable management principles and contribute to the institutional development of other charitable foundations in Ukraine," said Alina Nosenko, Klitschko Foundation director

You can submit the application form at this link: bit.ly/2yDGB2P

The application deadline is April 18.

More information about the project will be sent to the participants who submit a questionnaire.



Освітній діджитал-проєкт для представників/ць благодійних та громадських організацій. Проєкт покликаний дати знання та навички, які необхідні для ефективного і прозорого ведення діяльності своєї організації, а також ...

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