ProCharity 3.0 in action!

This fall we are implementing the ProCharity 3.0 project for representatives of charitable and public organizations.

"It is nice that during the 3rd set for the project we received almost twice as many questionnaires. This indicates that public and charitable workers in Ukraine want to develop professionally. We strive to share with participants the experience of effective and transparent activities, tell stories of successes and failures, give advice to help them implement the principles of good governance. After all, only together will we be able to develop a culture of charity and make high standards of work a reality,” says Oksana Dyadyura, ProCharity project manager.

Representatives of 15 charitable and public organizations became participants of "ProCharity 3.0".

In the project, they will be able to consider the following topics:

- charitable organization management;

- project management;

- communications;

- fundraising;

- negotiation.

Networking classes will be held separately for participants so that participants can learn more about each other, the organizations in which they work and share their experiences.

Participants will  have a pitching, during which they will be able to present their projects to experts and get feedback on them.

As a result of the final testing, several participants will have the opportunity to personally consult with experts on issues that concern them in their activities.

We hope that the project will help participants improve their professional skills and further develop the organizations in which they work.