ProCharity 2020 has started!

4 травня 2020 стартував онлайн-проєкт «ProCharity» для працівників сфери благодійності, які нещодавно розпочали працювати у благодійних організаціях або заснували їх та потребують знань для збільшення своєї організаційної спроможності.

On May 4, 2020, the online project "ProCharity" was launched for charity workers who have recently started working in charities or founded them and need knowledge to increase their organizational capacity.

The project was initiated by Alina Nosenko, director of the Klitschko Foundation, who is studying at the annual international program "Carl Friedrich Goerdeller-Kolleg for Good Governance" from the German Robert Bosch Stiftung. As part of this program, she is implementing her own project on good governance in the field of charity.

The project participants were 35 charitable workers from all over Ukraine.

During the first webinar, conducted by Alina, participants considered the characteristics of good governance - accountability, transparency, responsiveness, equality and inclusiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, rule of law, participation and consensus orientation.

Alina also spoke about the principles of good governance and how to apply them in their work:

  1. Clarity of goals, roles and responsibilities;
  2. Sustainable development for future generations;
  3. Opportunities to fulfill their role;
  4. Accountability for decisions and influence;
  5. Transparency and accuracy of information.

"If the state, business, charities and society as a whole are guided by the characteristics and principles of good governance, our lives on the planet will become more efficient, and we will be able to guarantee sustainable development for future generations," says Alina Nosenko.

Together with the speaker, the participants discussed the Sustainable Development Goals and their importance of implementation in the charitable sphere.

"It is necessary that every Ukrainian organization, no matter in which sector it operates, chooses at least one goal from each level - the biosphere, society, economy, and embodies them in its activities to achieve the global goal of a better life. Especially since in September 2019 the President signed a decree on the Sustainable Development Goals, which means that our country will strive to achieve maximum performance for all goals, as well as will monitor and report annually until March 1 of the year following the reporting year.

The Klitschko Foundation shares the Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to their projects:

Goal 3 - Health and well-being;

Goal 4 - quality education;

Goal 5 - gender equality;

Goal 8 - decent jobs and economic growth;

Goal 11 - Sustainable cities and communities;

Goal 12 - responsible consumption and production;

Goal 13 - Climate change mitigation and partnership to achieve goals.

It is this set of goals that will help us to strategically change society and communities, ”says Alina Nosenko.

Important aspects that were discussed during the webinar were the basic principles of effective work. They were considered in the practical cases of the fund, and include such components as legislation, organizational management, strategy and system of external and internal communications.

In subsequent lectures and webinars, which will take place from 4 to 9 May, participants will be able to learn more about project management, fundraising and communication in charity.



Освітній діджитал-проєкт для представників/ць благодійних та громадських організацій. Проєкт покликаний дати знання та навички, які необхідні для ефективного і прозорого ведення діяльності своєї організації, а також ...

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