Philosophy as a map that helps to find a way in the maze of life

Artem from Kropyvnytskyi shared his story of participation in the Realms of the Future project.

‘Philosophy is so multifaceted! Thanks to her, everyone can find answers to the most difficult questions, and at the same time get confused in their thoughts,’ said Artem, one of the participants in the Realms of the Future project.

The boy learned about the project from the school principal. That evening Artem was tasting a cake when he suddenly received a message about the Realms of the Future. Unfortunately, a piece of cake had to be postponed, because the tenth-grader was so interested in the project that he immediately wanted to become a participant in a philosophical seminar!

‘I'm only 16, and a lot of things in my head remain a mystery to me. Not all thoughts can be realized, but the implementation of ideas is the main factor in the progress of our world. That's why I applied for the project to develop skills of critical thinking, teamwork, emotional intelligence and to inspire the realization of my dreams. I hoped that Realms of the Future would help me in this. By changing something in myself, sooner or later I will be able to change something in society!’ Artem remembers.

So the guy did not waste time but immediately started filling out the questionnaire. And... passed!

‘I had 3 days on the project, a community of 17 of my peers and a team of organizers all this created an extraordinary atmosphere in which everyone could share their own opinions, find like-minded people, and all this without any condemnation or controversy, but through dialogue. Reading the texts of thinkers, working out different thoughts and statements, each participant created his own ‘book of views’ on the world,’ Artem shares his impressions of the project.

Artem believes that there is a stereotype in society that philosophy is too complex. But on the project, the tenth-grader was convinced that teenagers and philosophy are compatible!

By his example, the guy proved that a stereotype is nothing more than just a stereotype. Therefore, Artem together with his friend Nikita, who was also a participant in the project, implemented their local online seminar Realms of the Future. Kropyvnytskyi!

‘Nikita and I wanted to share what we gained on the project with others, and for that, we had everything support, motivation, and desire. Together with our participants, we immersed ourselves in the world of philosophy read and discussed texts, looked for answers to difficult questions, and learned to express their thoughts. The preparation and the project itself passed very quickly, but we managed to achieve our goal. The participants of our project are a good confirmation that the project has succeeded. I know that some have been motivated to participate in various educational projects and have precisely developed the skills of expressing their opinions through dialogue. I have personally changed myself, formed my views on my future, so now I am actively working on the development of my musical talents, I feel that it is mine, so I spend a lot of time on it. It may seem strange, but it was during my participation in Realms of the Future that I felt that music was my vocation,’ Artem recalls his local project.

Now the boy feels completely different and wants other teenagers to have the opportunity to develop and learn to understand themselves. I would like to give them some of my advice.

Don't be afraid to do something unusual. Because the fear of trying something new in your life is the same as being afraid of yourself, your thoughts, and dreams!

It is better to regret what you have done than to lower your hands and go with the flow. So you will always be one step closer to new opportunities!

Be true to your dreams. Never follow the opinion of the majority, but go against the crowd and reach your heights!

As for opportunities, now every 10th-grader has the opportunity to become a participant in the Realms of the Future project, so here it is, this chance that cannot be lost! If in doubt, see point 2 of Artem's list of tips!

You can learn more about the project in the ‘Projects’ section!