Participants of the "School of Success - 2016 visited TEDxLviv

On 4th of March,​ "School of Success" graduates listened to the inspiring stories from 15 representatives of different professions at TEDxLviv.

Today, Anna and Ivan carry on mastering their skills of project management, acquire additional knowledge and look for opportunities to learn from those who know how to gain their goals and win.

On 4th of March School of Success's graduates had an opportunity to hear inspiring stories from 15 representatives of different professions. And here is how Anya and Ivan commented speakers’ performances:

"It is not the first time I hear about the appearance of the “creative class”, which is the engine of progress in the cities. Mark Zarkhin prompted me to think that the participants of the "School of Success" is the creative class, who in 5 years will be the "new elite" and change the values of all its residents."

(About Mark Zarkhin’ speech, Chairman of the Directors Board of Restaurant Group Fast Food Systems and director of Kumpel Group)

"I was a real fan of our Paralympians' team in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, it was a real gift to hear the story of success from Andrew Demchuk who is a fencing golden champion. Looking with a smile on your losses and turn them into a competitive advantage is a talent worth to share."

(About Andrew Demchuk’s speech, winner in fencing at the Olympic Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016)

"If I was able to go through the "School of Success" one more time, I would like to see a presentation of Olexiy Malitskiy – a young entrepreneur who told without a single word about the success in the best way I've heard in my entire life. Yes! Not a word! I hope that the organizers of the current "School of Success" would invite him –and you’ll discover on your own! "

(About Alexey Malitsky’s speech - one of the most interesting young entrepreneurs in Ukraine, co-founder of Sammy Icon, Morza, Clan-P, One Factory, 5000 Miles)

"I realized what a real success of Ukrainian business is! This is when foreign businessmen go to Ukraine to learn from our experience. And so, we are not worse than the Europeans, and we have businessmen to learn from. Alexander Konotop is a vivid example of this!"

(About Alexander Konotop’s speech, founder of «Ajax Systems»)

"As a resident of Lviv region, I worry about a problem that is looming over our region, namely Hlybots'ke landfills. I was struck by the fact that 7% of the Ukrainian territory are covered with trash. After Irina’s speech, I plan to take my father’s worms, which he uses as bait. Do you know for what purpose? To rework food waste! It turns out to be one of the cheapest and ecological ways to process organic waste!"

(About Irina Mironova’s speech, social activist, founder of the movement Zero Waste Lviv)