Participants of Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 attended the mentor session from KPMG

KPMG in Ukraine, educational partner of the Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 conference, granted the certificates for the participation in 3-hour mentor session for Maksym Parhomenko who presented the project «Breaking the wall of Fashion», Michael Tulsky, project «Breaking the wall of Brain input & output», Anna Vevirets, project «Breaking the wall of Wastewater treatment» and Oksana Lialka, project «Breaking the wall of Social isolation caused by aphasia».

On December, 9 the participants had the opportunity to attend the mentor session from Kostyantin Karpushin, the Head of Transfer Pricing Group Ukraine. Kostyantin is also the Head of Innovation CIS and is responsible for the implementation of innovative decisions in all the courses – audit, tax and legal consultations. That is why he knows what the young start-uppers need.

“It was a great opportunity to get a chance to communicate with Kostyantin. The team of soulmates, practical advice for my project, the necessary motivations which will help me every day be more closer to the implementation of my project, prioritization of the daily routine and other things that will help me to achieve the goal of my project. It was interesting to find out about the success and difficulties from the Kostantin's story. I did not expected that the lecture will be so applied and motivational. The necessary advice in the proper time. Thanks Kostyantin for the support of my project! – Maksym Parkhomenko.

“We can read and hear a lot about motivation, but after this meeting I believed in myself and my project. This meeting helped me to shape my objective, develop step-by-step road map within the precise frames. The experience exchange and the motivational learning are always useful for beginners. That is why I think that the participants of the next conference should necessarily attend such events from the companies.“ – Anna Viverets

The participants of Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 and the Klitschko Foundation are grateful to KPMG company that made a valuable contribution to the development of projects of young scientists. Wait for the implemented projects of our talented participants in the nearest time!