Online internship: students’ experience

You need experience to get a job. However, to gain experience, you need to find a job. This is a familiar situation for most students, isn’t it? At such a turning point in life, when a student is looking for his first professional experience - an internship comes to the rescue.

Internships can be an effective way to gain work experience and start networking in the field of future employment. We have asked our interns 2021: Alina, Mariia and Anastasiia about their experience and impressions form their online internship. They have also shared some tips for future interns. 

“I did an internship for 6 months in the Polish startup Addepto. The company develops artificial intelligence and analyzes big data for various fields. I chose sales department because I am interested in communicating with customers, the ability to be in the process of attracting potential customers and market analysis ", —says Mariia, a student at the LCC International University in Lithuania. 

Anastasiia, an intern at the Klitschko Foundation in the spring, says she did an internship at Coca-Cola HBC on the program “Coke Online” and was engaged in different areas each week: PR, HR, marketing, analytics and finance.

"I liked the week related to analytics the most, because it was a new field for me, and it was fascinating to try it. That's when I was able to lead the team, so I gained a very cool experience ",—  says Anastasia .

Alina, a student at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, talks about her internship experience at the Klitschko Foundation's communications department this year and says she chose the organization because of shared values, interesting projects and charitable activities. This, by the way, is her  first internship.

"I can say that I was worried from the moment I applied till the moment of the first interview. However, as soon as the interview started, the anxiety disappeared, because the managers set everyone up in a comfortable and calm way”, — says Alina.

The girl says that she is assigned with varied but equally interesting work. She writes texts for social networks, translates articles, looks for ways to connect with partners. The workload is moderate, like a real part-time job. Alina emphasizes that the internship helped her to balance work and personal life, as tasks can be performed at a convenient time. 

Maria, on the other hand, shares that her responsibilities included testing programs for finding contact information for potential customers, creating a customer base according to the region and field of activity, and running the company's LinkedIn page. 

“It was easy to communicate with the team, because the manager was a master's student and understood that I needed to distribute the workload depending on my activities at the university. Before performing a task, I had a training that explained how to do it, and at any time I could contact the team through Slack to discuss any questions”, — says Mariia.

Alina says that her favorite task at the Klitschko Foundation is the game "Bingo", which aims to improve professional skills by performing various tasks each week (to pass a spontaneous interview with a team member, apply for any vacancy and go through the selection stages, etc.).

“At the beginning of the internship, it intersected with the last weeks of studying and exams. It was quite difficult to manage everything at a decent level. The managers treated it with understanding and moved the deadlines so that I could successfully cope with everything,” — says Alina.

Anastasiia agrees that the greatest difficulties arose when the lectures were held at the same time as classes at the university. Fortunately, the lectures were available on tape, but then there was no opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.

“Online internships are a very accessible option to gain professional experience. Companies can invite more interns, and more interns can show their interest in a company, because only a laptop screen separates them from this experience, instead of tens or hundreds of kilometers, — says Anastasiia

The girls are sure that if there is an opportunity for an internship be sure to use it. There will be enough time, if you really want to, because an internship is a  great opportunity to test your practical skills and understand whether this is the right field you like.

"Try it, it's extremely interesting and useful! Never be afraid to take a step in the wrong direction, because it can open a new exciting world for you and lead to your dream career”, — says Alina.



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