On the same page: how to organize the dream team?

What is the secret of success in teamwork, how to implement a common goal and give each member a chance to fulfill their potential? Are you interested? Our interns 8.0 are too. That’s why Nataliia Teslyuk, teamwork coach with 9 years’ experience, held training for them. Read some advice from Nataliia in the article.

“There is a perception that once you get into the team, you can easily understand is it a real team or just a group of people” – Nataliia said and grabbed the attention of the audience. Is it so easy? And how then to turn from people who work in the same office into those who are moving to the dream together?

We propose you to consult with advice, which can help to reach better results in teamwork.

The team consists of two equally important parts: personal and common. The personal part means that each person who possesses unique skills and talent set. The common part means that they have shared dreams, energy, every member can act as support for another one. That is exactly the component, which distinguishes the team from just a group of people.

Know yourself first. Start from an easy exercise: write down 3 talents you are ready to share with your team for achieving the goal. Everything will be useful: you can easily communicate even with strangers or masterly organize the leisure activities for your close friends. Realizing what kind of human you are, you will avoid lots of debates and find people you will comfortable working with.

If you just imagine your team and their goal as a ship with its final destination, Natalia recommends you to ask yourself as many questions as possible even before you will hit the road. You need to understand, why do you need this trip, what are you ready to do to set off. If we specify, you should recognize the major purpose of the whole team. It should inspire you, become a challenge, which you can only meet collectively, because otherwise where’s the challenge?

Have you ever thought about why the perfect number of members in a team are from 5 to 7 individuals, max 12? Why are so many examples of such number of participants in history and cinematography? D’Arnagnan and Three Musketeers, Ocean’s and Friends etc. The matter is that only with this number of people you can easily exchange the energy. You should talk about that, what worries you most and what has been made greatly. If it is comfortable for you, share your personal feelings too. This is what makes you closer.

Any team is like a living organism, because it is going through several stages on its way to full development. You should be ready that there may be a storm brewing in the new team, which consists of strangers. Such interaction in this stage is even useful, said coach, because it helps to refocus the places in a personal work of each member and relations. So, the fourth recommendation will be to realize, that conflicts are normal.

If you read all of it with an idea, that team work is not for you and you will never have a chance to be fulfilled in this case, the fifth point is for you. Working in a corporation, following tons of training courses for companies, Nataliia argues, that there is not one non-teamwork person, but there are teams, which isn’t right for you. Sometimes you can’t agree with established rules. Weekly reports may kill your enthusiasm or you aren’t ready to share your private life with colleagues. But you should understand, that you will definitely find your dream team, where even the most non-teamwork player will do more than he can personally.



Useful sources by Nataliia:

1. “Business Transformed” Paul Gossen. The book with questions, which will help you to form personal and general for the team goal.

2. “Creating of a company” Fopel Karl. The book, which is a compilation of psychology games and training, directed at the cooperation between members of team.

3. If you want to watch a film about well-coordinated team work, all the “Ocean’s Friends” is the best one for you.


Remember, if you want to go fast – go alone, but if you want to go far – go together. Together with your dream team.