Oleksandr Savsunenko shared his impression from the performance in Berlin

Alexander Savsunenko, the founder of the «Titanovo» company, has presented at Falling Walls Venture Kyiv 2016 his developments in the field of genetics and bioinformatics based on individual genetic data and became the winner of the national selection. And now Sasha shared his recollections and findings after the final of international scientific conference Falling Walls Venture Kyiv in 2016 in Berlin.

"The day before the speech there was an hour-long repetition with a professional orator. It was very helpful. Mentor told me to do my presentation easier and more understandable. She filmed me on video and advised how it would be better to stand on the stage, pointed at my mistakes that prevent from making the powerful, meaningful and memorable performance. Such a criticism helps to improve.» - tells Alexander about the preparations for the performance.

The participants were not aware of the reports of each other before the start of the conference, but they had the opportunity to meet in the evening, after a rehearsal. "On the night before the performance there was a party on the roof, where organizators and participants of the Falling Walls Venture 2016  took part", - Alexander recalls. He also notes the daily dinners together and the ability to assign a 30-minute «brain date» with the person whose sphere of scientific interests crosses your one.

About Falling Walls Venture 2016 participant of Ukraine says: "The central square of Berlin has been reserved for the conference, and at the evening opening of the conference Mr. Steinmeier took speech. On the next day Neil Gershenfeld, founder of the laboratory Bits & amp; Atoms at MIT, leader and creator of the FabLab technology replicator from StarTrek had a performance. Almost all strong projects submitted on the contest, were supported by large and reputable international universities and were based on whole families of patents and the financing of strategic investors.

"Also participating in the Falling Walls Venture 2016 gave me the opportunity to meet with Wladimir Klitschko, who represented me in front of my performance in the competition. Everybody remembered me, as a participant, which was announced by Klitschko. In a personal communication it turned out that Vladimir is on the board of directors of a company which is engaged in development of biotechnology for the sport. It is very close to my work, "- Alexander says about the brightest impression from the conference.

Alexander advised Klitschko Foundation to involve a variety of large companies, incubators and accelerators to choose on their own behalf inventors nominated for participation in the conference, as it was in the final Falling Walls Venture 2016 in Berlin.

"Today, the most trendy ideas are not those that have a strong scientific justification, but especially those that have a high level of social responsibility and use "- in the end of our conversation, Alexander highlights current research trends and advises future participants of the Falling Walls to be persistent, courageous and hard-working.
Klitschko Foundation wishes Alexander to have a professional growth and new achievements. We were happy to contribute to the development of a promising Ukrainian start-up. And next year, we are waiting for motivated young entrepreneurs and inventors to go for new victories together.

Katerina Heseleva, an intern of the Klitschko Foundation, spoke to Aleksandr Savsunenko