Official statement on the implementation of projects in 2020 in online format in connection with the spread of COVID-19

The third month of remote work of the fund passes. Last year, we planned to further integrate online tools into our activities, to create online courses, but the fact that we will need to transfer all our activities online, no one planned.

Due to the situation related to the spread of COVID-19 and the introduction of quarantine, some of our projects have already taken place online: "Realms of the Future 5.0", "ProCharity" and "Internship 11.0". The Zero Waste School and Parcel of Success projects are still running in this format.

Now we live in a new reality, and what reality will come after the final exit from quarantine - no one can predict. The only thing we can do now is be flexible, adapt to new working conditions and minimize the likelihood of risks to life.

In our projects, we work with hundreds of direct beneficiaries and we understand that there is too much uncertainty now. We have no right to risk the lives and health of participants, speakers, the foundation's team or anyone else, so we have decided that we will continue to implement all 2020 projects online.

For us, this solution raises many questions: from the effectiveness of project implementation to creating an atmosphere of our offline projects in a new online dimension and support for participants and graduates of our community. We hope that we already succeed in online projects, and with the accumulation of experience in all projects we will be able to form a new strategy of the fund during the pandemic until the vaccine. We are responsible for our activities and want to encourage other organizations to be responsible for the decision on their future activities. Only together can we survive this challenge.

We hope that thanks to the support, mutual understanding and desire of everyone to change themselves and the world for the better, we will all be able to make this year special not only through the virus, but also through other, much more enjoyable things, such as learning, self-development, communication with like-minded people. habits and acquiring new skills.

So let's not waste time, but continue to live and appreciate life even in the current conditions!

Managers will inform participants about the dates and conditions of projects in 2020. All information about the projects will also appear on our website and social networks. Let's stay in touch!