Official application for local projects

September-November is an active phase of local projects by graduates of the "School of Success", "Success Package", "Zero Waste School" and "Realms of the Future", implemented by the Klitschko Foundation.

This year, quarantine restrictions throughout Ukraine make it impossible to conduct local projects in a ofline format, because due to the spread of COVID-19, the Ukrainian government has extended adaptive quarantine (Source: Government portal).

According to this statement, the State Commission for Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies updates the information on quarantine zones on a weekly basis (Source: Government portal).

Therefore, the participants of the "Success Package" and "Zero Waste School" should conduct local projects in one format of your choice, depending on the situation in the region - online or offline. Local projects of graduates of the “School of Success” and “Horizons of the Future” will be implemented exclusively online, as the organizers of these projects are teens and their projects will not be conducted under the control of the school administration.

From August 1, depending on the epidemic situation in each of the regions, one of the four levels of epidemic danger is established:

- if the level is "green", "yellow" or "orange", then the implementation of an offline project is allowed.

- if "red" - is prohibited. In this case, the project should be implemented online.

If the local project is implemented offline, the organizers must ensure that during the project all quarantine requirements are met in accordance with the area of ​​the region.

Follow the graduates of the fund's projects on their local projects on the foundation's social media pages.