New opportunity within the «Dreamship» project

Стажери проєкту «Dreamship» зможуть пройти інтенсивне тритижневе стажування в організаціях-партнерах Klitschko Foundation.

Two months of the «Dreamship» project are over. That was a three-month internship for Ukrainian students who study abroad, but want to try themselves in the Ukrainian labor market. 

Participants have already pumped their skills through work in the fund's departments and become part of the Klitschko Foundation community. In addition, they discovered new opportunities for development in Ukraine and were inspired by lectures of the expert speakers. During these classes participants studied labor market trends and emotional burnout, analyzed resumes and prepared for interviews.   

But the challenges do not end, because in August participants will undergo «express internships» in partner organizations of the fund. Namely, they will train in the «Creative State of Arsenal», «New Fashion Zone» and «ProBono».

«Internships in other organizations are, of course, about new experience, networking and self-development.  

Also, one of our goals within «Dreamship» is to give interns knowledge and confidence for further career growth.

After two months of internship, the foundation became «domestic» and familiar. Therefore, to immerse themselves in the work of another organization means to get out of the comfort zone and in practice make sure that they can bring valuable ideas and skills for further internships and work, » — says one of the organizers of «Dreamship» Vera Kondratyuk.  

One of the goals of the «Dreamship» was also to deepen the interns' knowledge of the field of charity, particularly in Ukraine. After all, some of them dream of working in CO and NGOs after graduation. Therefore, intensive internships for our partners are a great chance to look at charity from a different angle and understand the wide range of activities of such organizations. 

So the interns are waiting for three weeks, filled with new challenges, interesting information and useful experience. In addition, this is a good opportunity to use the skills acquired during the first months of internship at the Klitschko Foundation!  

«I expect to gain experience, deepen my knowledge of the art of modern photography, as well as develop design skills. In general, I want to benefit from these 3 weeks, using the knowledge I have already acquired, and learn something new, » — said Julia Flinta, an intern who will go through an internship at the «Creative State of Arsenal».  

We believe in the value of knowledge exchange and are confident that interns will be able to make the most of this opportunity!