Maryna Korshevnyk told about her performance in Berlin

In November young Ukrainian inventor Maryna Korshevniuk came back from Berlin, where she with the support of the Klitschko Foundation she represented Ukraine at the international scientific conference Falling Walls Lab 2016 with her research of edible vaccines. She told us about her impressions, findings and changes in herself after the participation in one of the biggest scientific events of the year.

«I began to consider the contests like this and on research activities as a whole in a completely different way. I personally realized that participation in the event at the international level is already an achievement, regardless of the results, which the jury will determine. And when you have the opportunity to communicate with people who are engaged in developments, similar to yours, it is already an incredible pleasure and success. Moreover, I have started treating myself more easily because before the contest I was very afraid to perform, both in Kyiv and Berlin» - Maryna shares her thoughts and points out that she is also fascinated by the multiculturalism of the German capital.

«Alina (Nosenko, Klitschko Foundation director) accompanied us at the events on November 6 and November 7. She visited either my or Sasha’s (Oleksandr Savsunenko, participant Falling Walls Venture 2016) presentations. After the announcement of the results on November 8, I was upset. I wanted to win very much and after the announcement of the results I was down in the mouth. But Alina told me that it is not worth to be sad, it is rather the motivation to keep working. This dialogue has had a very strong influence on myself because I used to treat victory and defeat more sharply. And then I calmed down and began to perceive such things more adequately», - she says about the support given to the participants by the Klitschko Foundation's director Alina Nosenko.

«On November 9, at the conference, lectors tried to make their reports as much adapted to a wide audience as possible. Usually, the scientific report turns to be dry information, a statement of facts or application of the theory in a not catching form. But these speakers tried to make their reports more accessible to perceive. One of the scientists described what would happen to us if the Earth fell into the black hole. Everyone understood or at least got closer to understanding what is the distortion of space. And I have made a conclusion: no matter how difficult was your research, there is always a way to make it as much understandable, entertaining and interesting to others as possible despite their level of training. It means that even if your listener is a child, he will still understand if you try to explain it in a simple way», - says Maryna about the conclusions that she made during the presentations of famous scientists.

«On November, 10 we went to «Adlershof», the science city, where there are various research institutes. There was a lecture, organized with the participation of representatives of organizations that provide grants, about opportunities to obtain scientific degree and doing research in Germany. Then there was a tour: visiting the centre of analytical research and robotics. It was really awesome. You walk around the place – and feel the level. Everything was clean, tidy, the staff was pleased and happy, good-looking. Motivation to do something and to continue education in Germany appeared», - Maryna shares the story about the inspiration source, which she found during the trip.

On the brightest impressions, she says: «There were two notable moments. A participant from Ireland presented the development of the brain prostheses, and this topic is now at the height of its fame. Funny was also the thing, that on the day of the conference lectors were informed that the time for their performance has expired. A man came on the stage doing funny things, showing that the speaker has to finish his speech. She also shares the impressions about the «colleagues» on the contest: «Participants tried to be emotional and expressive. But it is not quite right, because there were guys that went to far and looked more stupid than memorable. In other words, they were remembered not for being awesome, but for being weird».

«For myself I realized that it is important to continue the research that I presented at Falling Walls Lab 2016. This conference helped me to establish the belief once again that my topic is relevant, promising and has a chance for a development. Now I do everything possible to scale the research, to make a broader base for it. In addition, I realized that you should never stop in the process of education. Now I want to participate in scholarship programs and gain the knowledge to apply them to my project and to further development in this area. And, of course, I would like to make an effort to improve the education level of my peers and seniors. Now we are working on creating an educational resource for biotechnology, and a series of lectures for a wide range of listeners. I am trying to build cooperation with other agencies and groups to make this process the most productive. Now I am looking for adherents and we are going to raise science with them», - says Maryna willingly about her ambitious plans for the near future.

She advises Klitschko Foundation to inform young Ukrainian scientists as productively as possible about the Ukrainian selection for Falling Walls conference, because she believes - the quality and scale of the event in Kyiv depends on the projects submitted for it.

«When you participate in the international event, you represent the entire country, and you feel this responsibility on yourself. Do everything to the end, qualitatively, and try. It is not so scary to participate and perform on stage, as we get nervous while preparation. We need to approach to writing process with cold mind and make it as beautiful, adaptable and complete as possible - so you will not be ashamed to present it, but on the contrary: you will receive great pleasure», - Maryna Korshevniuk refers to all Ukrainian young scientists and inventors.

The conversation comes to an end, and full of aspirations Maryna sums up her experience of participating in the finals of the international scientific conference Falling Walls 2016: «At the end of the conference, there were significant changes in my perception of myself and the idea of the European countries. I became more relaxed and self-confident. Although I did not win, but inside I feel this small victory not in the conference, but in myself. I was able to adequately perform and gained motivation for further work».

Klitschko Foundation believes that Maryna Korshevniuk has only new achievements and victories in front of her. We are proud to be able to help this young and peculiar personality to present the results of her research to the international community. And next year, we are waiting for ambitious young scientists to go for new victories with them.