Looking for participants for the online camp “Great Debate Camp” within the framework of the “Democracy Hub” project

Still don’t know how to make these summer days interesting and saturated? Then we have a wonderful suggestion. We are inviting you to join the online camp “Great Debate Camp” within the framework of the “Democracy Hub” project.

“Great Debate Camp” is a 5-day debate online-camp for active, decisive and conscious citizens from Ukraine and Denmark.

During the project, the participants will undergo intensive but at the same time interesting education. You will have the opportunity to communicate with the professionals of the debate sphere, find out about the history of the debate origin, learn the secrets of writing the successful speech and how to line up persuasive arguments and counterarguments. Also during 5 days, you will be able to develop rhetoric skills to be confident in front of the audience in the future and know how to persuade and present information correctly. 

You can become the participant of the debate online camp if you:  

- are a Ukrainian teenager aged 14-18 years;  

- have English level B1/B2;  

- are interested in the topics of democracy, human rights or social equality;  

 - are ready for new knowledge and have a desire to develop yourself.

If it’s all about you, then feel free to fill in a questionnaire, pass the video interview successfully and mark in the calendar that on July 12-16, 2021 you will be together with Klitschko Foundation and Crossing Borders.

More information about the project: https://bit.ly/2SoWBzV 

In case of having questions, contact us through e-mail [email protected] or write in our social media on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/KlitschkoFoundation/).



5-денний дебатний онлайн-табір для підлітків з України та Данії, покликаний розвивати культуру дебатів та міжкультурні зв’язки між молоддю. Табір втілюється в межах проєкту «Democracy Hub».

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