Looking for a job – create your CV

This is the first thing that will make an impression of you as a candidate for the working position. Resume will make it clear to HR, to invite or not to invite you for an interview. In the other case your resume may only be viewed during the interview, then for the each points of your resume you should have a strong argument.

The interview is a separate topic for discussion, and now focus on how to create a resume, which will hunt “the bounty hunters”. What to write? How only on one list of paper to present yourself in a favorable light? How to make an eye-catching resume, shared with Intern Klitschko Foundation experienced recruiting specialist Valeria Kazamarova. The tips from Valeria will be useful not only for trainees or students, but for those who are looking for work and wants to create an effective resume.

What to write? How only on one list of paper to present yourself in a favorable light?

First of all, let’s look at the basic types of resumes:

  1. Many employers prefer this type of resume. It focused on the experience that is in chronological sequence (starting from the last place of employment).
  2. In this case, the focus is on abilities and skills. It is perfect for people with little experience or those looking for a career change..
  3. Resume of the combined type is becoming increasingly popular among professional recruiters because it demonstrates an integrated approach and provides information on skills and work achievements, and shows the chronology of your employment. It gives the answer to the question: "Why are you good for this job?"
  4. Target. Resume this type is made for a specific vacancy. It do focus on those skills and their professional biographies that are important to that employer.
  5. Unconventional resume gaining popularity, especially abroad. It is characterized by the use of info graphics, presentation of the candidate through video resume or on-line portfolio. Such a resume, undoubtedly, attracts attention and will be the perfect solution for those looking for work in the creative field.

Choosing the Type of resume, pay attention to your strengths and goals. So you will be able to qualify for a job that You like.

”To understand the types of resume, helpful and informative, however, does not solve all issues. How to start? The answer of Valeria was clear: "take a clean sheet of paper and just start writing without any template or Format.  Because if you use the template , you will begin to think of a template”.

What to write in a resume?

To make a good impression, you should show your potential value. .” When describing previous work experience or internships, articulate and detail your responsibilities using active verbs. Include professional accomplishments, academic achievements (courses), additional components (courses) that are important for certification (KPIS SHRM), which correspond to jobs.

How to organize information on the page?

It is important to structure the information into sections.

  1. First you should give contact information – phone number and e-mail. You must specify the official e-mail address, the title of which will be the first and last name, without a number or children's names.
  2. It is necessary to highlight section "Education", where you specify the full name of the UNIVERSITY where you studied or study, specialization and period of study. Here you can specify additional courses that you have completed and where they received useful skills.
  3. Most of the sections and their names are not clearly established, so their presence and the formulation depends on what you want to focus. For example, a summary may contain the following sections: "Skills" (remember that employers are interested in your soft skills), "Projects", "Training" (it is better to make the internship experience separately from the work experience), "Certifications", "languages", "Volunteering" etc.
  4. Whatever type or sections of resume you choose, the best principle of presenting information is a bulleted list. It allows to emphasize and to clearly and concisely convey the desired message.
  5. And don't forget about the design. Responsible attitude to detail only adds bonuses. The summary should be as functional and decorated with some settings for the entire document. It is recommended to use Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Trebuchet, font size of 10.5 - 12 pt.
  6. One more advice is the importance of white space. On the page you should remain a space free from text for easy reading and understanding

5 Life hacking for effective resume

  • This job that you are interested in, should match the achievement and responsibilities.
  • If you have less than 5 years of experience – the size of the resume should be only on 1 page.
  • The criteria that a recruiter sees your education. This is the first impression, no matter what your qualifications. So read careful resume before sending.
  • Show your specific responsibilities and accomplishments in previous positions.
  • Simple design, structure and quality of the presentation summary will only be a plus because it will facilitate the work of a HR specialist.


What NOT to make in summary?


  1. No one knows exactly what criteria the employer has preconceptions about the age of the worker. Therefore, noting the age, you can deprive your resume for further consideration.
  2. The photo is controversial detail Photo takes a lot of space and carries a minimum of information. It is better to place only at the request of the employer. Besides, the photo should be professional.
  3. Also only if employer enquire.
  4. Extra documents – copies of diplomas, certificates, examples of work. THESE materials are too bulky for resume format. They are usually sent at the request of the employer.
  5. Personal information. Details such as civil status, civil activity, the presence of children do not reveal your professionalism and aren't interesting for a recruiter.

According to Valerie, the recruiter need only 8-15 seconds to make an impression on the resume. Applying these tips and rules, everyone can create a resume that will attract attention and help to get the desired job.