Local ‘Schools of Success’ 2020!

November is the time of implementation of local ‘Schools of Success’, which means that a month of challenges, drive, support and mutual assistance is ahead!

Local ‘Schools of Success’ are events held by graduates of the Klitschko Foundation project in their communities. For the graduates of the ‘School of Success’ it is an opportunity to practice the acquired knowledge, become local leaders and gain experience in conducting projects. For community members, this is a chance to learn more about 21st century skills, opportunities for self-development, see the benefits of non-formal education and find like-minded people.

This year, teenagers face a challenge to implement their own projects online. But, on the other hand, it is also an opportunity to attract speakers from all over Ukraine and even the world to their projects, because this project format allows you to erase any boundaries and helps participants go beyond their own capabilities.

We believe that our graduates will hold local ‘Schools of Success’ at the highest level and will be able to implement all their ideas in projects!

More information about the project of each participant can be found on the pages of the organizers on Instagram and Facebook.


Vinnytsia region

School of success. Vinnytsia

School of success. Bar

Volyn region

School of Success .Vladimir-Volynsky

School of Success. Lutsk

School of Success. Zymne

School of success. Lokachi

Dnipropetrovsk region

School of Success. Krivoy Rog

School of Success. Krivoy Rog

School of Success. Krivoy Rog

School of Success. Krivoy Rog

School of success. Dnipro

Donetsk region

School of Success. Mariupol

School of success. Novgorod

School of success. Mariupol

Zhytomyr region

School of Success. Zhytomyr

School of Success. Zhytomyr

School of success. Novograd-Volynsky

Zakarpattia region

School of Success. Uzhhorod

Zaporozhye region

School of success. Bylenke

School of Success. Zaporizhzhia

School of Success .Zaporizhia

School of success. Zaporizhzhia

Ivano-Frankivsk region

School of success. Kolomyia

School of Success. Ivano-Frankivsk

Kyiv region

School of success. Kyiv

School of success. Kyiv

School of success. Volodarka

School of success. Kyiv

Kirovograd region

School of Success. Kropyvnytskyi

School of success. Znamyanka

School of success. Kropyvnytskyi

Luhansk region

School of Success. Rybizhne

School of success. Popasna

Lviv region

School of Success. Pavlov

School of Success. Lviv

School of Success. Drogobich

School of success. Sokal

Nikolaev region

School of success. Mykolaiv

Odessa region

School of Success. Odessa

School of success. Odessa

Poltava region

School of Success. Myrhorod 

School of Success. Chornykhy

School of success. Mirgorod

Rivne region

School of Success. Rivne

School of Success. Kostopil

School of success. Berezne

Sumy region

School of Success. Konotop

School of Success. Shostka

Ternopil region

School of Success. Chortkiv

School of Success. Ternopil

Kharkiv region

School of Success. Kharkiv

School of Success. Kupyansk

School of success. Kharkiv

School of success. Kharkiv

Kherson region

School of Success. Kherson

Khmelnytsky region

School of success. Kamianets-Podilskyi

School of success. Khmelnytskyi

Cherkasy region

School of Success. Vatutine

School of success. Chigirin

School of success. Uman

Chernihiv region

School of success. Chernihiv

School of success. Nizhyn

Chernivtsi region

School of Success. Chernivtsi

Go to the pages of local projects and join them!



Освітній онлайн-проєкт про навички 21 століття для підлітків, які хочуть стати змінотворцями у своїх громадах.

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