Local Realms of the Future

Join local projects from Alumni of the Realms of the Future 5.0 alumni

Local projects are a great opportunity for teenagers from all over Ukraine to join non-formal education, and for graduates to consolidate their skills in practice, better acquire knowledge and activate communities.

Join local online projects of Realms of the Future 5.0 alumni. You will discuss with like-minded people the search for a purpose, the role of man in society, the path to success, and speakers will talk about their own life values ​​and share a story of achievements and defeats.

Follow the link and register:

Dnipropetrovsk region, Kryvyi Rih, April 20-21 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.kriviy_rih

Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, April 22-23 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.pokrovsk_

Donetsk region, Rodynske, April 22 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.shpt_rod

Zhytomyr region, Novograd-Volynsky, April 21 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.novograd

Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, April 21-22 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.melitopol

Kyiv, April 22 instagram.com/obrii.maibutnogo.kyiv

Kirovohrad region, Znamyanka, April 22-23 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.znam

Mykolaiv region, village Petrivka, April 23 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.petrivka

Rivne region, Rivne, April 23 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.rivne

Khmelnytsky region, Shepetivka, April 22 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.shpt_rod

Chernihiv region, Pryluky, April 20-21 instagram.com/obrii_maibutnogo.pryluky

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