Local projects "Realms of the future"

Realms of the Future is a philosophical seminar organized by the Klitschko Foundation and The Aspen Institute Kyiv. The seminar is designed to help adolescents understand the purpose of man, inspire self-development and develop a culture of dialogue in Ukraine. After returning from the project, graduates conduct their own philosophical conversation to share knowledge and experience with peers.

Local projects start at the end of November. Project graduates invite moderators to help participants discuss the topic of conversation. During the conversation, participants share their thoughts and listen to the ideas of others. The purpose of such a dialogue is not to find a single answer, but to define one's position more precisely, to look at the problem from another angle.

If you want to take part in the local project "Realms of the future" - look for your city in the list and fill out the form. You can find more information about the projects on the organizers' Instagram and Facebook pages.

Dnipropetrovsk region,

Kryvyi Rih, 23.11, Mulyak Karolina, "Sensual life values ​​of modern man"

Inst: @ obrii.maibutnogo.kryvyi.rih

Donetsk region,

Mariupol, November 21, Garipp Darya, "Lesson of Courage"

Selidove, 21.11, Tomashov Vladislav, "Healthy lifestyle"

Ukrainsk, 24.11, Vladys Kobets, "The purpose of man"

Inst: @ obrii_maibutnogo.ukrainsk

Kiev region,

Kyiv, November 29, Goncharov Oleksandr, Yushchenko Anastasia, "Ecology in Ukraine"

FB: @ obrii.maibutnogo.kyiv

Kropyvnytskyi region,

Znamyanka, 30.11, Dombrovska Anastasia, "Purpose of a person"

Kropyvnytskyi, 23.11, Kuzenny Roman, "How to decide on a profession and achieve success in it"

Lviv region,

Lviv, 19.11, Buchkovska Daria, Tsymbala Severin, "Man and Society"

Inst: @ obrii_maibutnogo.lviv

Lviv, 26.11, Kurnytska Olena, "Search for a purpose and definition of a profession"

Inst: @ obrii.maibutnogo.lviv

Odessa region,

Ovidiopol, 21.11, Svirgun Arina, "Leadership as a means of social change"

Inst: @ obrii_maibutnogo.ovidiopol

Teplodar, 17.11, Burdyuzha Ksenia

Rivne region,

Kostopil, 22.11, Stelmakh Dmytro, "Innovative development of VS traditional society"

Inst: @ obrii_maibutnogo.kostopil

Ternopil region,

Ternopil, November 20, Soroka Yana, "Factors influencing human consciousness"

Khmelnytsky region,

Khmelnytsky, 24.11, Andrusevych Yevheniy, "In search of a destination"

Chernivtsi region,

Zastavna, 24.11, Dzus Oleksiy, "Purpose of a person"

Chernihiv region,

Pryluky, 23.11, Kazakov Nazar, "Leadership as a means of social change"

Inst: @ obrii_maibutnogo.pryluky

Chernihiv, 23.11, Ryzhenko Nazariy, "Can art be valued and sold?"

Inst: @ obrii_maibutnogo.chernihiv



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