Local Challenge Academy projects

Challenge Academy is an international project for adolescents seeking to learn how to effectively address challenges, become environmentally conscious and develop leadership skills, and a local project is an opportunity for participants to consolidate knowledge in practice and share it with the community.

If you did not pass the competition or did not have time to submit a questionnaire to participate in the Challenge Academy project - fill in the questionnaire to participate in the local project bit.ly/CAcademyform and look for your city in this list. Want to know more information? Visit the pages of local projects on Instagram.

Vinnytsia, October 20, Choplyak Mykhailo, @ challengeacademy.vinnitsa

Dnipro, October 12, Nescheret Artem, @ challengeacedemy.dnipro

Zhytomyr, October 5, Cheverda Anastasia, @ challengeacademy.zhytomyr

Zaporozhye region, town Chernihiv, October 12-13, Vashchenko Maria, @challengeacademy_chernihivka

Ivano-Frankivsk region, Dolyna, October 5, Maria Hrynevych @ challengeacademy.dolyna

Kyiv, October 5-6, Valska Darya, @ challengeacademy.kyiv

Kropyvnytskyi, October 5, Zabolotnya Maria, @ challenge.academy_krop

Lviv region, Yavoriv, ​​October 12-13, Shevchyk Ivan, @ challengeacademy.yavoriv

Mykolaiv region, Yuzhnoukrainsk, October 12, Patranyuk Konstantin @ challengeacademy.yuzhk

Odessa, October 12, Bogdan Galtsev, @ challengeacademy.odesa

Poltava region, Kremenchuk, October 12, Chistenko Anastasia, @ challenge.academy_kremenchuk

Rivne, October 5, Svitlana Kuharuk, @ challengeacademy.rivne

Sumy region, Okhtyrka, October 12, Olesya Ritikova, @ challengeacademy.okhtyrka

Ternopil region, Zalishchyky, October 12-13, Denis Tyasko, @ challengeacademy.zalishchyky

Ternopil region, Zboriv, ​​September 28, Drevnytska Alina, @ challenge.academy.zboriv

Kharkiv, October 10, Rusov Andriy, @ chellangeacademy.kharkov

Khmelnytsky, October 4-5, Varanytsia Ivan and Andrusevych Yevheniy, @ challenge.academy.khmelnytskyi

Cherkasy region, Uman, October 19, Anna Stepanyuk, @challenge_academy_uman

Chernihiv, October 5, Diana Nalyvayko, @ challengeacademy.chernihiv

Come with friends and don't forget to register! See you on local projects.