Let's develop together!

Do you often hear a story of success and think, "If only I had known about this opportunity before"? We are ready to help you out! We've collected 45 resources for self-development for youth. Now it is impossible to miss out on an interesting project, internship or scholarship!

At the Klitschko Foundation, we work every single day to ensure that young people have every possible opportunity to realize their potential. We are guided by such values ​​as an exchange of knowledge and self-development, because in order to increase success you need to constantly improve yourself and share useful resources. We embody our values ​​in the daily work by implementing projects with partner organizations, creating opportunities for volunteers, expanding the community of future leaders and tirelessly moving forward!

That's why we created a document with resources for young people who want to develop their skills and are looking for new experience.

What's inside?

- opportunities. In this section you will find projects, conferences, trainings, youth organizations, art events, educational courses and even career opportunities everything for development and meeting like-minded people;

- volunteering. It is not only a way to become socially useful, but a platform for growth, innovations and implementation of one's own ideas. If you want to join the volunteer movement in Ukraine, abroad or online, we have also set aside a separate section for such opportunities;

- internship. We have included resources and organizations that focus on the career development of youth. They share internship programs that give students their first professional experience, practical skills, and the opportunity to see the sphere of ​​interest from the inside;

- scholarships. Young Ukrainians strive for quality education. That's why we've added resources that publish research grants, scholarships, competitions and exchange programs, and that can help with entering prestigious universities and colleges.

We've added sites and social media pages of organizations and communities, so you can monitor opportunities in the most suitable way for you.

Are you ready for a life-changing 180-degree opportunity? Then open the document faster: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cxsiSDPstz_D_b8F2fa-_THygPIO-5eG