Команда Фонду Кличко відвідала освітню програму «4 Steps to 0 AIDS»

On the December 1, the International Day to Fight AIDS, free space "HUB 4.0" in cooperation with the Safe Connection project of Olena Pinchuk’ Foundation hold an educational program "4 Steps to AIDS 0", that managers of Klitschko Foundation have visited.

Theory and practice of the protection against HIV \ AIDS and even a little more about safe sex, the role of erotica in art and modern advertising and free anonymous testing - all of this were available for participants.

Everyone could pass confidential testing for HIV and have his result in only 15 minutes. Managers of Klitschko Foundation convinced such testing is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, this is a duty of every conscious person. Why is it so important to regularly pass such testing? Because only in this way we will be able to get medical care. And it is the only way how you can protect your family. You can read more details about this testing, by visiting the project website SafeConnection.

Part of the event was devoted to the subtleties of condom use, the most affordable and the safest way of contraception. Public statement by speaker Valentin Bobruyka gave an opportunity to all visitors get answers to questions that interest them and find previously unknown information. How condoms are divided by types, materials, shape and area of use, which are the basic rules and features of their use - none of these nuances were left unattended during the lecture.

Also guests of the event listened to speeches of infectious diseases doctor George Zhigarev on the theme: “How to prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases” and of obstetrician doctor Sergei Baksheyev who told all the visitors about the reproductive system of men and women.

An Artist Olesia Drashkaba placed guests of the event into a completely different plane, telling about the role of sex in the development of art and how erotic motives were used by the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Japanese, medieval artists and maestro of the Renaissance.

The team of Klitschko Foundation grateful to the "ANTIAIDS" foundation, free space "HUB 4.0” and «AIDS Healthcare Foundation» for the opportunity to take part in living and topical event of nowadays. We wish to all of us not to be afraid of speaking openly on any topic, because we believe, that only the availability of information will help us defeat AIDS.