Klitsсhko Foundation celebrates 15th anniversary

On August 13th, 2003, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko launched the Klitschko Foundation, a charitable organization with the aim of helping girls and boys overcome their challenges on the way to adulthood.

Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko who are world-renowned athletes were often asked to be partners in diverse Ukrainian and international charitable projects. They then decided that they not only wanted to support such organizations, but, in order to give back what they received throughout their life, create an organization which permanently and professionally implements social projects. The Klitschkos both hold a PhD and are convinced that one needs both power and brain to be successful, they decided to found a charitable organization dedicated to sports and education for young people.

The Foundation’s Beginnings

From the very beginning, the Foundation cooperated with Ukrainian universities to provide career advice for students. Since then, the organization has also helped victims of the flood in Western Ukraine, implemented projects for children to raise awareness on ecological challenges, brought German doctors to Ukraine to examine children with hearing and visual impairments and have provided them with special equipment. In cooperation with the German foundation «Ein Herz für Kinder», it supplied children’s hospitals with modern equipment and gave Ukrainian doctors an opportunity to intern in a German children’s hospital.

The Foundation Nowadays

Until now, half a million children from different social and multicultural backgrounds (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, & USA) were able to experience the Foundation’s projects. Today, the Foundation’s mission is about empowering young people to strive for a better life – for themselves and their communities.

In 2013 the Foundation became family-owned, believing that the next generation of Klitschko “brothers and sisters” could foster the foundation’s activities in the future. Hence, the foundation’s symbol is the «K-man», a figure that moves towards his dreams with enthusiastically raised arms, representing the slogan «Fight For Your Dream».

The current projects are to rebuild sports schools for children and send sports equipment to schoolchildren. The Foundation set up sports playgrounds, which have become a place where the communities of the most remote towns and villages gather and where families spend their leisure together. Every year a summer school for active teenagers from all regions of Ukraine is organized to teach them 21st century skills. The Foundation supports students who are only on the way to find their craft through internship program and give the ideas of young scientists and startups to be heard and embodied.

The Foundation’s Future Plans

The Foundation is on its way to creating a strong community of people with shared values who take responsibility and realize that they are the driving force. “Our dream is that every single teenager that is going through the foundation’s curriculum take a chance in overcoming their challenges in life”. Participants will be provided with the necessary skills to connect with others in order to have allies for the future, says Alina Nosenko, Director at Klitschko Foundation. Furthermore, the Klitschko Foundation plans to expand the program to even more children from more nations.