Klitsсhko Foundation - 15!

August 13, 2003, Klitschko brothers established the charitable foundation. Wladimir Klitschko told how the idea appeared and what the Klitschko Foundation is today.

Hello everyone! My name is Wladimir. From the childhood my brother Vitali and I had a great joint dream - to become world-famous boxers. We fought for it, and each of us once felt how it is to be a champion. But life is so diverse that we must not stop here. After our first great victories in the ring, my brother and I understood that there was the support behind our achievements. Support of our parents, coaches, boxing fans, all those who have ever believe us to become future champions. We knew that we could thank only by sharing this faith and support with others. Together with him, we founded the Klitschko Foundation 15 years ago. 

How did it start? In 1998, we established a foundation for sports development to support talented athletes, experienced trainers and sports veterans. We started this project with sports school where I began boxing, there we repaired the boxing hall. The school is still giving birth to athletes-beginners. For example, this year we have supported the reconstruction of handball hall that will be opened officially this September.

Then we joined the securing of global issues becoming UNESCO's ambassadors and supporting the initiatives of UNISEF. We took part in restoring the architectural and historical monuments of the capital of Ukrainian, that is why we were given a new title - "Maecenas of Kyiv".

Participation in many Ukrainian and international projects has made it clear to us that it is time to create an organization that permanently and professionally implements social projects in strategically important fields - sports and education. So, on August 13, 2003 a charity organization Klitschko brothers` Foundation appeared on the map of Ukrainian charity.

The Foundation, like a true 15-year-old teenager, has already changed his image several times, tried himself in different directions - from sports to ecology and medicine, he found new friends and implemented new creative ideas with them. He changed, but every year became more confident in his actions. In 2013, the foundation became family-owned, because my brother`s and my charity work is now supported by our wives and children - the next generation of Klitschko brothers and sisters. So the foundation has now a new name - Klitschko Foundation.

Today is a day when the 15th year begins, as we together with the foundation`s team create conditions for a new generation of Ukrainians. Young people who take responsibility in their own hands and realize that they are the driving force.

How do we do it? During the time we have developed our formula. We rebuild sports schools for children and send sports equipment to schoolchildren. We set up sports playgrounds, which have become a place where the communities of the most remote towns and villages gather and where families spend their leisure together. Every year we organize a summer school for active teenagers from all regions of Ukraine. We support students who are only on the way to find their craft and give the ideas of young geniuses to be heard and embodied.

But most importantly, we have united a large community of people with shared values, giving them inspiration to believe in impossible and force to get it. Thank you for joining us!

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