Klitschko Foundation's new direction: humanitarian aid

New realities need new solutions. Ukraine is currently in an extremely difficult situation. That is why we are changing our priorities and direction.

Klitschko Foundation is a charity organization that for 18 years has developed the society in Ukraine through the project approach. 

Throughout the years, the foundation has helped children believe in their own strengths and make their own dreams come true in the fields of education and sports. 

Unfortunately, we cannot continue to do so now because russia has started a war against Ukraine. We are convinced that no child in the world should spend their childhood in war, hear explosions, shootings, be bullied, lose their families and run away from home. However, this is exactly what is happening now with thousands of Ukrainian children. Thousands of adults and children have been left homeless, have no resources to live on, and are in dire need of support now. 

The worst thing is that we do not know how long it will last in Ukraine. However, we are convinced that even if our team cannot stop the war, we can at least help people save their lives in such difficult conditions.

The foundation's team is in Ukraine and continues its work, but we direct our efforts to helping children and adults who find themselves in difficult life situations due to hostilities. This is now our main priority.

Currently, the main direction of the Klitschko Foundation's work is humanitarian aid for Ukrainians. We have redirected all our resources to food, clothing, medical care, and other humanitarian assistance. No military equipment, weapons, ammunition, or others are allocated with said funding.

Together with world organizations and all those who support us financially, we organize the supply of all necessary goods to Ukraine. We are now actively working to establish this process.

Everyone can join the foundation's team and support us financially. 

  • — If you want to make a donation in the range of 1-10 000 EUR or USD, please, follow the link: https://www.klitschkofoundation.org/en/foundation/ 
  • — If the amount of your donation exceeds 10 000 USD or EUR, please use the following details: 


IBAN: DE75 2007 0000 0094 4009 00 (EUR and USD)

BLZ: 200 700 00


If you have any questions about your donation, email [email protected]

If you have any questions, please, write [email protected]