Klitschko Foundation transferred new equipment to ‘OKHMATDYT’ in Lviv

The Klitschko Foundation has transferred a new bedside patient monitor to the Lviv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital ‘OKHMATDYT’. UNWG-Vienna helped provide the hospital with new equipment.

At least 350 children receive emergency care annually at ‘OKHMATDYT’ in Lviv. The lack of necessary devices reduces the possibility of treating children with congenital heart disease and multiple organ failure. Just one resuscitation monitor can help effectively diagnose patients and save the lives of thousands of children for years to come.

Now the new resuscitation monitor will help determine the necessary treatment as soon as possible and will save the lives of children from 1 month to 18 years.

"Every Ukrainian has the right to the proper quality of medicine, so our task is to create conditions for this. If children are healthy, they will definitely find the strength and inspiration to succeed and change our society. Children are the greatest value, both for parents and for the state. That is why the support of children's hospitals is also important for us. This year, together with UNWG-Vienna, we were able to provide the facility with a resuscitation monitor. We believe that our support of the children's hospital will help all those who need it to get it quickly and efficiently," says Alina Nosenko, director of the Klitschko Foundation.

This is not the first time that the Klitschko Foundation and ‘OKHMATDYT’ have cooperated: in 2014, the Klitschko Foundation transferred medical equipment to ‘OKHMATDYT’ in Kyiv, and in 2017 and 2019, new medical equipment for the sterilization room was transferred to the balance of the Lviv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital ‘OKHMATDYT’.