Klitschko Foundation’s project manager will tell openly on the work in the social sector

The choice of profession is one of the most crucial choices in people’s lives. And we have to make it without having a complete picture of the world and a clear idea of how it works in different fields. The cycle of events "About professions fairly," the guest speaker of which will be Hanna Terletska - project manager of the Klitschko Foundation, will help to figure out all the difficulties and subtleties of jobs in the humanities, media, economic and social spheres

How does it work behind the scenes of the charity projects and which components does the activity of the foundation include? These are the questions Hanna will answer, talking about her practice, positive and negative aspects and the peculiarities of working in non-profit organizations. Also, the participants of the course of lectures will learn about our most interesting projects and ways on how to become a part of the Foundation as an intern or volunteer at the beginning of the student life.

For more than two years of working in the Foundation, Hanna Terletska has implemented a number of educational and fundraising projects and “Falling Walls Lab 2015”, a scientific conference for young innovators. Last year she worked as manager of two projects "The good world" by Microsoft Ukraine for the partners, including CF "Likar.infund", charity organization "Down Syndrome”, CF "Partnership for every child." More than 50 partner companies and 100 participating children have already got involved in the latest project "School Success 2016", the manager of which is Hanna.

Join us on November 12-13 in the co-working  place "nonWorkplace" and find out how to make money, working in the humanitarian, social and economic fields and media with pleasure.

For more information go to: http://profession.in.ua/