Klitschko Foundation received an award from the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum for the third time

The Klitschko Foundation became a leader of the national ranking of benefactors, which included 74 national and local charities, at the third time. The Foundation was noted in the nomination "The costs in the field of sports and physical culture in 2015" among the organizations with a budget of from 1 to 10 millions UAH.

In 2013 Klitschko Foundation’s team together with the founders developed a new strategy with new tasks. We decided to update the foundation completely – from internal procedures to online application for the projects. In 2014 we put internal financial politics and conducted an international audit. Statistics sounds for itself – after the audit the foundation obtained 400 000 euro more than in the recent years and introduced 6 new projects.   


We adopt the practice that is clear for the donors in the whole world and constantly seek the innovative decisions. Only in this case the foundation will attract the new supporters and donors. And, we hope, our model will be followed by the other Ukrainian foundations. Each and every foundation should take part in the rating and be transparent as it makes the field of charity stronger and more accountable for society. The Klitschko Foundation takes the responsibility to set the trends in the sphere of charity which will be the examples for other organisations.


Financial performance such as annual costs of own charitable programs that was declared in the annual tax reports and voluntarily provided by funds for Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum was taken into account in determining the winners. " Klitschko Foundation " in 2015 spent 9,014,085 UAH, 6,151,935 UAH of which was spent for the development of sport and physical culture in Ukraine.


74 ranking members spent on charity 790.9 million UAH total in 2015, 59% of which  were spent  into the sphere of social protection, 15%  for health care, and the remainder was spent for education and science, support for the army, for arts and culture,and for the environmental protection . Only 2.8% of total assets  were spent for the development of sport and physical education.


Children and youth have received the largest share of aid from charities of Ukraine (16.6%), then institutions and groups (12.2%) and then people with disabilities (11.5%). Also, the categories that received support from charities last year, included immigrants, members of ATO and their families. While 40.1% of charitable assistance was targeted help to individuals and 35.7% -to institutions.


We believe that only transparency and openness of non-profit foundations and organizations form the credibility of the charity in society. " Klitschko Foundation " study international experience and applies successful practices in project implementation and administration. Everyone can read the financial information of our activities and statutory documents on our website. High standards are fundamental for benefactors. We hope that they will be valuable for other foudations in Ukraine.

Written by Katerina Geseleva, 4.0 intern


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